Dani from midsommar by Ben Stubbs at the brass quill gallery in GA

2022.01.29 03:50 justwilliams Dani from midsommar by Ben Stubbs at the brass quill gallery in GA

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2022.01.29 03:50 thebigman707 Trick shot

Can it be completed anywhere other than the castle roof????
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2022.01.29 03:50 chocolatefudge17 Cutest klaroline scene?

I think one of the cutest scene was when klaus was reading caroline’s miss mystic falls application and she was trying to grab it from him. That scene was so cute and playful and it just seems so pure and for a while you forgot that klaus used to be an enemy.
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2022.01.29 03:50 dcbiker White House Wants Crypto Rules as a Matter of National Security

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2022.01.29 03:50 Potential_kitten69 India's exports to China jump 34 pc to USD 22.9 bn in 2021

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2022.01.29 03:50 strombreakerz Look at u go mate

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2022.01.29 03:50 Ebayunikitty *USSR INTENSIFIES*

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2022.01.29 03:50 irafi [8] FINALLY!! AFTER 85 HRS

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2022.01.29 03:50 subwooferpal What to do after telling a friend their husband cheated on them and being told that I’m the problem?

Hi all,
Let me give the past first:
Friend’s name is Amber. Her husband’s name is Hugh. And we have a mutual friend named Charli.
Amber and I have been friends since elementary school, though became more distant in college. Charli is a mutual friend of ours from high school who has also become distant, since they have been known to cheat and ruin friendships with other mutual friends. Finally, Hugh and Amber met in college and are married. Hugh is about as close to our other mutual friends and me as Charli is now - still distant and just a friend nothing more.
While on MLK day break, I was hanging with Charli when during some girl talk she mentions having sex with Hugh behind Amber’s back. I was told this happened before Amber and Hugh married (but about a year after they got together), and that Amber didn’t know so I “can’t tell anybody this info.” I told Charli I understood.
After, I blocked Charli on my social media and phone after our meet up, ending the friendship, and called Amber that night to say what I heard, ask if it was true and if they knew. Was told yes it’s true but it was solved/worked out long ago. No problem - I apologize for calling and say I won’t bring it up again.
Not 2 minutes later Hugh messages me blowing up about how I’m an asshole for not approaching them first to ask if they cheated before going to Amber. I tell them if they have a problem to take it up with Charli, who put me in an awkward spot. I also say I didn’t have a choice since Hugh is part of the cheating, and I was looking out for a friend. Hugh then blocks me on all social media and Amber calls saying I should apologize to Hugh for not trusting him to be honest. In my mind I’m like “apologize for not thinking the cheater would be open about cheating???” That’s ironic. I ask if Amber will reach out to Charli (who wasn’t blocked by Hugh) and am told no they don’t want to ruin that friendship. Then mid-call am told actually Hugh is hurt so bad by my actions they won’t even accept an apology if I gave one. I tell Amber if she wants to be manipulated by her husband and forgive them, that’s her choice, but I can’t be a part of Hugh’s manipulation and don’t owe anyone anything and hang up.
The present:
We haven’t talked in two weeks, and I am wondering what to do now. I don’t really feel like I want to be friends with Amber anymore, but after 15 years of friendship it’s hard to walk away. What would you do in this situation?
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2022.01.29 03:50 proletarian-1917 🔥 Duel of eagles with spectators

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2022.01.29 03:50 mardr77 A potentially unpopular opinion on adding more firearms to the game.

I personally have noticed once in a while a post will pop up discussing a wish list of firearms for the game. I can understand the sentiment, and there are several guns I think would be fun to use in this environment...
...but I think it would overall detract from the game.
Of the reasons why, most central to the feel of the game is the atmosphere of relative scarcity. You're a random and unfortunate resident of the area who has no past and only what you can scrape together to survive.
Much of the game is spent just getting a reasonably effective firearm. What can be found in the radius is interesting, but common befitting an area of little wealth that wasn't prepared for the disaster. The pinnacle of your progress is getting to buy several powerful, interesting, uniquely useful weapons. All of them have strengths, and shortcomings.
This makes for interesting gameplay. Every trip out takes consideration. Do you want to be able to mow down everything in a hail of bullets, are you planning to take a few calculated shots at long range and tread carefully around the buildings? Are you confident enough in your pistol and your aim to try taking on an armored mimic? This leads to tough decisions about which loot and missions you feel you can take, and pretty much every gun in the game at this moment has its own use case.
This leads to my second point. Right now even if you don't use them all, pretty much every unique gun picked up has value simply because there are so few. The more guns that get added to the game, the less intrinsic value each new weapon has. This can even get to the point where it's no longer exciting to get specific guns in caches.
To bring up another issue, each new gun takes development time and resources. The amount of detail in each weapon is significant, and they all have multiple sets of sprites and textures, as well as many moving components. To do them justice to the degree of the other weapons in game takes time and research. This pulls resources off of other content. I would much rather see new artifacts, anomalies, maps, and enemies before getting more firearms.
I can only speculate on the necessary investment, but imagine if our option was for one revolver-a gun with unique mechanics and moving parts not already in the game-or a new building using some existing and some new assets. Some would prefer to have the revolver, and their opinion is valid, but I would much rather have the building.
The guns in this game are the vehicle to exploring and interacting with the world. Swapping out a Groza for a Famas may make someone's day but doesn't do much to change or enrich the experience. On top of this there are many games that already have a variety of guns that fill the niche for those who desire to shoot a specific weapon. The interesting part of the game is the places to visit and the strange discoveries made along the way, and that is what I want more of.
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2022.01.29 03:50 Blackninja127 Can I pls reach 270 subs today

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2022.01.29 03:50 Most-Platypus681 HELP WANTED (SPECIALISING IN GRAPHIC DESIGN)

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2022.01.29 03:50 MDKWARLORD Is there a good way to promote your channel without spamming people on Reddit with a link to your videos?

I feel like I’m just annoying people by trying to post on Reddit how do I find a better way to promote my channel?
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2022.01.29 03:50 sunburntandblonde Periods and white pants: is cricket turning girls away?

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2022.01.29 03:50 InstructionMundane84 Weil Mclain ultra boiler code e-03 i was told to replace ignitor because it is a common problem with these boilers. Anyone have experience with these?

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2022.01.29 03:50 Rahmune Do you guys still feel some sort of contractions still??

Weird question I know. But damn its always right in that area of when you bave contractions. Usually a heating pad calms it down but its so bad I can't even sit up. I am on nuvaring currently but I also have had this issue maybe a couple months after my baby was born?
She is currently 10 months now but now I am just sitting here like what the fuck.
Usually happens around my period or a rough hormonal day?
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2022.01.29 03:50 bigchunguss42 Do I need to copyright/protect my songs?

Hey, so I was just wondering if there is any reason why I would want to get any kind of like, copyright/whatever to like, say that my song was my creation. I don't care if people cover it, or even profit from doing so, I just don't want people trying to pass it off as their own. I'm not a big fan of like, the state, so I don't really wanna do it, but if I have a good reason, I will.

I know that you get a certain amount of protections just by releasing the song on some kind of platform (youtube, bandcamp, reddit) so long as you can trace that as the oldest occurance of the song. I honestly just don't want to get screwed over by some dipshit who steals my song and then gets huge and now I'm stuck listening to my song being referered to as someone else's invention.

If anyone knows anything about this I'll take any advice. I really know so little about how any of this type of stuff works.
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2022.01.29 03:50 Fee_08 Real time transit in Prague, Czech Republic (trams and buses)

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2022.01.29 03:50 Ihaventgivenup Showing tremendous upper body strength by doing an "Air Walk"

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2022.01.29 03:50 MelodicCantaloupe Anyone else feel like an utter failure when trying to conduct legal research at an internship/externship/job?

I'm out here like Charlie Day on the hunt for Pepe Silvia. 😓
Whenever an attorney says they have a research project for me, dread fills my soul...I'm probably in the wrong field huh.
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2022.01.29 03:50 tshirtbag Every time I skip a day of Zoloft I feel less depressed. About 4 months in at this point.

What’s…. it mean?
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2022.01.29 03:50 renshinkocha [WDYWT] Where The Streets Have No Name

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2022.01.29 03:50 applenutsboi 29 m4m looking for regular BJ buddy

29 y.o man here, big dad bod, hairy. Looking for a clean deadly disease free person who wants clean safe head regularly in ndg, I host, must be discreet. Will supply some good 420 while you relax and bust a nut.
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2022.01.29 03:50 cryd123 Meus Apricus, Me, Digital, 2022

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