Go Ayato !!

2022.01.29 05:27 Animemangafreak Go Ayato !!

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2022.01.29 05:27 Ultimate-Flower Looking to save money on mobile contract - anyone using Smarty?

I am currently on the Giffgaff £10 golden plan which has unlimited texts/minutes and 15GB and on O2 network.
Looking to move to Smarty £6 which has the unlimited texts/minutes and 4GB and on the Three network.
Anyone else made a similar switch and thought it was not a good deal? I don't use much data when I'm out so 4GB should be enough but they have a £7 8GB plan anyway.
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2022.01.29 05:27 TrinityCXV Another one down - I drew Tomoe Mami

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2022.01.29 05:27 crytoloover Top 5 : New Free Play To Earn NFT Crypto Trending Blockchain Games | Watch Video Earn Money #shorts

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2022.01.29 05:27 Luh24 Feliz, me, digital, 2021

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2022.01.29 05:27 MoodFew956 I can't access my account!

I have tried to log in with my account but I wasn't able to every single time. I have forgotten its password but I have the phone number and its recovery email. I get a code on my phone and put it in, after that it asks me to either get a notification on the account I was trying to access or a notification on its recovery email. I choose the recovery email one cuz I have access to it. I should've gotten an email with a code in there but I didn't. Everytime I try to do it I don't get the email even if I have access to the recovery email. After the failed attempts I press Try another way to sign in and it either says "Google couldn't verify its you" or "You will get a message after 48 hours" but I don't get the message. Please guys help me cuz it's an important account with lots of personal vids and photos
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2022.01.29 05:27 meltdown2022 Name für den Januar-Crash?

Seltsamerweise hat sich noch kein Name für den Crash etabliert, den wir diesen Januar erleben mussten. Da es sich um den schlechtesten Januar in der ganzen Börsengeschichte handelt, muss früher oder später aber eine Namensgebung erfolgen.
Wie schlagt ihr vor, sollte der jüngste Markteinbruch in den Geschichtsbüchern benannt werden? Naheliegende Vorschläge wären:
... oder findet ihr, dass dieser Crash noch zum Corona-Mega-Crash gehört, trotz der leichten Erholung, die zwischenzeitlich eingesetzt hat?
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2022.01.29 05:27 Tight_Plastic4002 Mission pass

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2022.01.29 05:27 gauriawasthi Do I stant a chance of getting into SNU?

So I ( 17 F) am in my last year of HS (India) and want to apply for Bachelor of Design in SNU, along with the Korean Language Course.
As per the Indian grading system, I have a percentage of 93%, with numerous extra curricular activities (literature, instruments, sports). I do not know if Korean unis give weightage to extra curriculars though. My grades have been above average, with me topping in a few subjects, and being in the top 10 in others.
Should I apply?
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2022.01.29 05:27 FoghornFarts Finally, a Desk for Working Parents

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2022.01.29 05:27 fleurdelacoeurs 31°C feels like 37 °C

Anyone wants to buy me iced coffee?
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2022.01.29 05:27 Routine_Ad3110 I had to...

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2022.01.29 05:27 asena22 Valentine's Day In Denton

Any special events going on for Valentine's Day in Denton? Or any recommendations for a nice Valentine's Day dinner location?
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2022.01.29 05:27 Ok_Depth_6691 Crystal isles spawns

Where does the wyvern spawn on crystal isles. I’ve been looking to check where I can find them and I can’t seem to locate their spawns
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2022.01.29 05:27 schultz9999 Feeling royal

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2022.01.29 05:27 sortedandunsorted Tom has been upset since I got a baby rescue home. He runs away and only comes in to eat and sleep at night (it’s safe out, don’t worry) and when I go to have a chat with him, he turns away like this. Thoughts?

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2022.01.29 05:27 Separate-Pilot-165 Is boruto the movie before boruto next gen anime or after?

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2022.01.29 05:27 Noahboy8000 9 minuts after the cut off for semister grades

So i realised it was 12:07 and i went to my canvas to turn in 50 project in the hopes that the class somehow was open, but it wasn't. So i shared the project with my teacher at 12:09. Should i be this stressed? do you think she's gonna grade it? I have a c in psycholigy and i really dont wanna get a D or F
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2022.01.29 05:27 hotsuasage556 There has to be something on this hoe 🔥🔥

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2022.01.29 05:27 mattibbals I think I’ve got a good shot at becoming polyamorous.

After all, I’m white and she keeps saying that she wants a cracker.
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2022.01.29 05:27 JoysofJoe he knows.....

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2022.01.29 05:27 Professional_Tie5648 Busco el de alguna de ellas, tengo para intercambiar…

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2022.01.29 05:27 militanikonorov Grzechy i grzeszki marek modowych

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2022.01.29 05:27 Embarrassed_Mine8042 20 y/o, how to fix this weird messy pube "hairy" beard and messy ends. Trimming does help, but wanting it to grow for a longer time to make it fullsr but the messy ends are disgusting,also I've never used any kind of products on beard,will using beard oil, comb or anything else help? Please suggest.

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2022.01.29 05:27 OTR_ Looking for a new DE safety razor

Hey guys, I'm looking for a new safety razor under $80USD.
I need something that's medium-aggressive to aggressive as I need an upgrade from mycurrent Gillette 7'o clock and require a much closer shave.
I'd prefer a safety razor that has a modern and unique look (like the Rockwell or Henson razors).
I usually use feather blades alongside a proraso lather for some context.
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