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Pixel Babes is the next big NFT project! Only 2,222 supply. 20% of mint proceeds will be donated to a Breast Cancer Support Institution.

2022.01.29 03:45 Pricepriceprice Pixel Babes is the next big NFT project! Only 2,222 supply. 20% of mint proceeds will be donated to a Breast Cancer Support Institution.

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2022.01.29 03:45 RyNinja22 Haven’t been getting any notifications recently

I haven’t gotten any notifications for anything for about three days now. I haven’t turned the ones I should be getting (namely the upvote notif) off ever, and it’s strange why this would be happening.
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2022.01.29 03:45 Arcorann Mikoto gave Rion a special birthday cake... with her and Kirito on it

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2022.01.29 03:45 ItsDukeAlright I do private videos

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2022.01.29 03:45 TotallyCharlemagne Dub

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2022.01.29 03:45 Dizzy-Philosopher150 MY FIRST MOVIE! The Adventures of Undead Agent Rubin Card. Watch him battle Monsters! Serial Killers! Aliens and ghosts with the help of a talking "Wisdom" vagina! Guns and gore! 🎥💀

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2022.01.29 03:45 TriggeredGuy001 BOTS LIFE - A P2E Game NFT project. Just join their discord server and drop your wallet address in the comments. (Note: The NFT I'll be giving away isn't a Bots Life NFT. The mint date for Bots life NFT is 5th Feb)

BOTS LIFE - A P2E Game NFT project. Just join their discord server and drop your wallet address in the comments. (Note: The NFT I'll be giving away isn't a Bots Life NFT. The mint date for Bots life NFT is 5th Feb) submitted by TriggeredGuy001 to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 03:45 Greenbastardscape How to best help my fiancee and her family

My fiancee (31F) and I (29M) began dating in September 2019. Shortly after, her father (68) was diagnosed with an aggressive and quick acting form of dementia. Around April of 2021, he was also diagnosed with ALS. While that may be a heavy weight for a family to live with, her grandmother has also recently returned home from the hospital. Doctor have informed them that both her grandmother and her father are "transitioning". In other words, they are very near the end. We agreed that she should go and visit her mom and dad every day after work since they live close by. I can keep myself fed and keep the house in order. She's started giving me a short list of things to do around the house for her every day, and I've tried to do some extra as I see need to be done. But I still feel like there's more that I can do to help them all out, but I'm not quite sure what it could be. I haven't had much experience with situations like this. There's also our wedding that is coming in September of the year. We know her father and grandmother won't be there, but I want to do something special for her family to also celebrate them on that day. I know it would mean so much to her. Any ideas or advice on how to help my soon to be family is very very appreciated.
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2022.01.29 03:45 Wiej_ Analyzing Banjo-Tooie's Levels Part 2 (GLITTER GULCH MINE)

Welcome to part 2 of this series in which I take a critical look at each of Banjo Tooie's levels from a design standpoint. If I were to rank the worlds in order of personal preference, Glitter Gulch Mine would be #6. It's quite nice to look at with the train tracks and the gems and has a charming tune, but it's also one of the most confusing levels in the game. I recall constantly getting lost here as a kid, and to this day I'm still occasionally unsure where I'm going to end up when I walk into one of those 812 doorways that all look the same. Also Ordnance Storage blows.

Analysis The game's second level makes a somewhat steep jump in complexity. It's significantly larger than the first level with a much more open-ended design. There aren’t really any landmarks, but vibrantly colored piles of gems help distinguish a few areas. The railroad and river form two intertwining linear paths useful for navigation, like the spiraling path in the previous world. But the natural paths in the mine are not as helpful in steering the player down fruitful directions. Following the river ultimately leads to a closed gate. While it’s certainly plausible that a player would decide to hit the switch near the start and then work out how to get past the gate in time, where do they wind up after picking up the Jiggy? Either an underwater maze whose only other exit is blocked, or a room which leads to Crushing Shed, whose Jiggy requires Mumbo’s help. Both paths are almost sure to leave the player feeling disoriented. The railroad ultimately leads to the Train Station, the other area where Mumbo is needed.

Beginning with the “setup” objectives that grant you full access to the world is a natural way to approach a level in this game. But the destructible boulders in your way are inconspicuous and located at the edges of the world, and although Mumbo is immediately useful, his skull is far off the beaten track. This level almost never suggests to the player what they should do next, instead encouraging them to poke their nose everywhere and discover through experience how it operates. This open-ended design is fine if the level is easily navigable, but Glitter Gulch Mine isn’t, mostly due to its myriad of caverns and interior rooms. There are quite a few practically identical looking entrances leading to these areas, and the areas themselves look very similar. The subareas also have atypically forgettable names and often connect to each other in unintuitive ways. The game attempts to help the player with signs, but "Mine Entry 2" is rather useless information. Why can't the signs outside the Gloomy Caverns entrances simply say, "Gloomy Caverns"?
Some of the objective design is questionable. The mine cart races, while thematically and visually compelling, functionally consist of spamming one button for an extended period. This is a tragic waste of a beautiful scenery piece with a lot of potential. Something more akin to the mine cart races in Donkey Kong 64 would have been much more entertaining. The Flooded Caves are a underwater maze of tunnels that one must trial and error their way through while hoping they don't drown. The Ordnance Storage, while more forgivable than Clinker's Cavern, is still difficult to navigate. The developers attempt to use color to distinguish areas of the storage, but there’s far too little shade variation for it to be effective. Furthermore, the attack used on the dynamite causes your character to lunge forward uncontrollably, and the targets constantly bounce around. They're not exactly difficult to hit, but it's a minor frustration layered on top of an already frustrating minigame which is too difficult to be placed so early in the game.
One must wonder why the dynamite sticks in the storage are so volatile that firing a blue egg at one will cause the whole mine to explode, yet the TNT barrels blockading areas of the level are completely unaffected by fire and grenade eggs? Instead, you have to use the detonator to blow them up, the clunkiest transformation in the game whose only attack damages it. Despite its sloppy controls, it’s required to detonate four of these TNT barrels which are scattered all over the level. One of these barrels can’t be accessed until Bill Drilling a boulder, yet the wigwam is conspicuously located right at the start of the level. Perhaps the transformation could’ve been a mine cart. There could’ve been a quest to collect gems from the different stacks or some railroad objective to replace the Canary Mary races.

On the positive side, Glitter Gulch Mine handles its initially uncollectible items gracefully. The Springy Step Shoes are inside a conspicuous box very close to the waterfall, and upon discovering them it becomes clear how the waterfall Jiggy is obtained. The Jinjo is on top of a water tank labeled “Jolly Roger’s Lagoon Pipeline”, a big hint that the Jinjo can be accessed from the lagoon. The basement Jiggy lets creative players grab an early Jiggy (you can light the path with Fire Eggs), but it’s also not too hard to find the Split-Up Pads and figure out how the Jiggy is supposed to be obtained.
Thematically, Glitter Gulch Mine on par with almost any level in Banjo-Tooie. The gem piles, the waterfall, the river, and the railroad are all excellent scenery pieces, with the gems adding much-needed splashes of color. Hazards such as exploding dynamite sticks, flooded passages, and poison gas are present. Cowboy enemies shout "Yee-haw" as they run toward you. The mine also introduces the player to Chuffy, an outstanding game feature that links almost all of the worlds together and is involved in some of the most intricate multi-world puzzles. The idea of crushing a Jiggy into multiple pieces that the player must collect separately is clever and suits the level's theme. Lastly the Generator Cavern offers a thrilling platform experience that shows off Banjo-Tooie's impressive lighting.
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2022.01.29 03:45 sgatson menstruation & revealing dresses

so i have a dinner party tomorrow night for my 21st birthday & the dress that i’m wearing shows a bit of butt cleavage. i’ve been trying to induce my period since the beginning of the week & to no avail. i absolutely have nothing else substantial enough to wear for my dinner party, i’ve literally been having this dress altered for days now. i can’t wear underwear with the dress, there’s literally no way. i went to the bathroom & when i checked my tissue post-wipe i saw a little brown, it seems like my period finally decided to show up— at the absolute worst time. i’ve tried tampons once but they dry me out & then make me smell so off. i love honey pot products, they work extremely well with me however i never tried their tampons + i have still have my reservations about tampons because of previously stated reasons. i’m not too positive but it seems like my first day of my cycle will be on the day of my dinner party…it’s gonna be a hard & heavy day. if that is the case i need recommendations to ensure that i can comfortably & (most importantly) safely pull off the look of my dress without anything being compromised. diva cup, specific tampons, anything guys, i have until 7:00 PM central time to figure this out
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2022.01.29 03:45 gigajason 👯 s01e02🎅: (Live! At The Bailey SW 2021!) A Charlie Brown Christmas

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2022.01.29 03:45 TronicBoy YouTube Thumbnail Masterclass / Ultimate Guide to Thumbnails

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2022.01.29 03:45 GalaxyGalaxyMARS Looking for tips. This is my first time writing in third person.

Hi, I hope everyone is well and staying warm these day's.
I was wanting to reach out (not only to get into the writing community on reddit + twitter more), but also because I had a question about writing in third person.
I am writing a new genre of stories I don't usually write, (one is kinda like a detective one), and another has fantasy + a royal family.
So as these are new genres & I have never wrote in third person before which is why I wanted to ask.
Any tips or advice would be appreciated!
Some resources I've found so far:
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2022.01.29 03:45 AwesomeSugar19 [OC] Hot Coffee

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2022.01.29 03:45 dannygent1916 Alocoholic called Billy

I befriended a street drinker called billy over the course of my own time as a homeless alcoholic in Galway over a period of about 3 years . He was a tall man with long black hair and a short beard , probably about 42 or 43 now . He would appear every couple of months I town and sleep out and disappear again . A very interesting and insightful man who I would love to meet again , stood out from the other full timers , quite a handsome man with deep brown eyes , he said he was from mayo . I know his second name but don’t want to post it openly on here .if you think you might know him message me , I would love to know if he is alive or dead ( like so many of many of my friends in Galway from them days). Long shot I know , if you think you might know him and need anymore information message me and I will provide what I can . Random request I know , but he was a decent man and I’d love to know his faith .
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2022.01.29 03:45 Discountedd https://www.reddit.com/r/Tabwire/comments/s611fc/boosted_by_cheater/

boosted by cheater : Tabwire (reddit.com)
Unban me pls post was deleted
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2022.01.29 03:45 BubsyFanboy Odcedzanie lekarzy [FELIETON Marka Stankiewicza]

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2022.01.29 03:45 grrrdn Worth the price?

Found a Z with 125k miles for $7.5k (I'm looking to pay closer to $7k). Nothing seems wrong with car besides sun damage to the paint due to the desert heat. KBB priced it closer to $6.5k on average. The main use for this car is track/drift/just for fun. Is it worth it or is it still too much? I haven't really paid attention to prices before the inflated prices so I'm lost on what they really cost.
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2022.01.29 03:45 AutoModerator Ideia de Nicho para Youtube Canal DARK de Recomendações Turisticas sem aparecer

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2022.01.29 03:45 AutoModerator Top 10 Anticipated Anime of 2022

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2022.01.29 03:45 Icecreamsadwitch420 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself! Like this! "I'm over here stroking my dick I got lotion on my dick"
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2022.01.29 03:45 AutoModerator Varrendo a casa

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2022.01.29 03:45 mister-owly What should be the subject of an email when writing to work with a brand or getting to be represented by an agency?

I know the subject line is important. Every one of us have been taught that since we were kids. I know more or less what to write in a body, but what should be the subject?
"enquiring as photographer" "Let's work?" "Applying as photographer"

And if you can, can you be a bit specific with regards to the business type, i.e. Talent Agency versus A brand
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2022.01.29 03:45 wewewawa Honolulu City Council to consider lowering property tax rate

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2022.01.29 03:45 Ir_Abelas How Do I Say Goodbye To My Dog?

Unfortunately, due to my mother’s illness, we’re having to let go of our dog, Bandit. She has a form of cancer that has left her with an incredibly weakened immune disease, she’s not even supposed to be near flowers, and she just recently came out of the hospital after a week long stay. Apparently she had come into contact with dog poop, and that was enough to almost kill her. They’ve decided to give him to the pound sooner rather than later, in just three days to be exact, it was all rather abrupt and decided before I could even voice my opinion. I asked what few people I know who might have taken him in, but they all declined, and with such a short window I doubt posting on Craig’s list will yield any positive results.
I’m just not ready to see him go. He’s perfectly healthy, only 5 years old, my mother had adopted him when he was a year and a half old from a shelter. Of course I call him our dog but he’s been my dog in all but name, I’ve always been the one to walk him, bathe him, feed him, everything. I thought I’d look after him till the day he died. More so than letting him go however, I’m terrified of what’s going to happen to him after.
I love him with all my heart and he’s a good dog, kind to strangers and always wanting to sit in people’s laps, but he has issues. He barks incessantly for starters, often times at nothing. He’s a little dog too, a chihuahua mixed mutt, so has something of a Napoleon complex bordering on being fully bipolar, he’ll snap randomly and without warning. He’s bitten everybody in the family except for me, but never hard enough to break the skin. Thirdly, he’s a runner, for the first year we had him we had to be extra careful about opening the door because if he saw an opportunity he wouldn’t hesitate to dart. I was the only one with the patience to go after him, and eventually he learned to stop running once I called his name enough times.
Individually these issues aren’t so bad, but all together in one dog is a lot for many people. For as much hope as I have in anybody who’s kind and generous enough to open their home to a pet I know full well that there’s more than enough people who view their pets as possessions rather than living creatures. That’s what terrifies me the most, that whoever adopts him after us won’t have the patience and love that I did. That they’ll hear him bark one to many times and start to abuse him, that after the third time he runs away they won’t care enough to go look for him, that after he snaps they’ll send him right back to the pound to be put down.
How do I say goodbye to my dog knowing what I’m about to send him into?
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