New moderator/Weekly contests

2021.12.09 09:32 BeepBeepImASheep98 New moderator/Weekly contests

Hello CitiesSkylines! I am a new subreddit moderator. I am looking forward to helping out this subreddit. Another thing I wanted to do is start weekly giveaways, which I'll mention very soon. No awards will be given most likely. This is just for the subreddit members to have fun. I look forward to working with ya'll!
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2021.12.09 09:32 Youretoobusyswimming Criei um subreddit para falar da economia portuguesa!

No seguimento de um post em que um utilizador pediu para se criar um subreddit para falar sobre a economia portuguesa, criei o EconomiaLusitana.
Este subreddit vai servir para agregar notícias e conteúdos sobre a economia portuguesa e servir de ponto de encontro para quem tem formação em Economia.
Uma coisa muito importante desse subreddit é a liberdade de expressão mas sem ultrapassar limites.
Em muitas discussões sobre Economia neste sub, as pessoas debatem de uma maneira incorreta, colocando insultos e sendo passivo agressivos a cada duas frases porque a outra pessoa tem uma opinião diferente.
É possível (e desejável) debater mas sem insultar. Sem ser tóxico e desagradável.
No EconomiaLusitana podem exprimir-se como queiram mas baseado em regras de civismo básicas e baseados (quando apropriado) em fontes científicas.
Dirão que o subreddit está vazio e está mas não por muito tempo.
O valor do subreddit é o seguinte

É isto! Espero que possam começar a participar, submetendo notícias e comentando no EconomiaLusitana
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2021.12.09 09:32 zhekalevin What’s up with casters using “look” all the time?

I’ve noticed that for the past year the casters started saying “look” as in “Seiko has a good look [at the net”]. They use it all the damn time and once you hear it, you cant stop noticing it.
Is that something they use in other sports too? I’ve never heard it get used outside of RL and I tried “looking” for info, but with no success. Does anyone know where this came from??
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2021.12.09 09:32 knitslip 蛮好玩的,我现在已经养成了看到有人暴论先看发言历史的好习惯了。 你以为人家是蠢,其实是屁股,那有什么好说的呢?

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2021.12.09 09:32 Wrockyy is this mouse still valid?

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2021.12.09 09:32 Wells4go Check out Unemployed Ninjas #0149

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2021.12.09 09:32 Gamemedian What is your favorite things,Hobbies or activities to do on gta online

One thing I’m very dedicated to is helping new players,That’s my hobby.
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2021.12.09 09:32 XenoBaSila LOS after contacting click2call

I raised to them an intermittent connection issue.
They restarted our modem on their end, went offline and back on quickly.
I received their ticket email and followed their instructions there: I switched off modem for 5 minutes, and unplugged / replugged the patch cord at both ports.
Then it went LOS. I repeated steps 3 more times.
Called them again and they said theyll send tech support within 48 hours. They said it could be physical damage when it happened exactly after i followed their instructions.
My question is, is the patch cord super fragile? I was really careful doing that.
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2021.12.09 09:32 Waaswaa [WP] The protagonist (P) of the story is a conscript in the Emperor's army. The war ended more than 50 years ago, and the last pockets of resistance disappeared a few years before P was even born. Now, on a routine mission, P discovers something that could change everything.

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2021.12.09 09:32 KennyHikes 211209 - IVE Official Twitter Update

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2021.12.09 09:32 uniqueperson22 Wife insists she doesn’t snore. Audio recording I just made proves her wrong. How do I punk her?

So, when I (42M) mentioned to my wife (40F) that I heard her snoring the other night she was super adamant that I was mistaken, must have heard my own self snore, “I never snore! I never snore!” etc. I heard it again a few nights later and just now I managed to get a few audio recordings. Tbh, she has a lovely musical snore which is sonorous and delightful. But I didn’t love the way she refused to believe me and I want to twist the knife a little.
Send it to her sisters so they can tell her they heard her snoring halfway across the country?
Get her to deny it again and just start playing one of the recordings?
Anyone have better ideas here?
Also, I’m pretty sure she really did “never snore” until fairly recently, is there any reason to be concerned at this recent development?
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2021.12.09 09:32 Flow_mew Well then,this is something new

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2021.12.09 09:32 tallgirll3 Seraphina's hiding things

I know that John's mental health is still very fragile and that he needs time to recover,that he can't handle pressure etc but man I hate the fact that sera hide things from him
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2021.12.09 09:32 NorseWorld Is there any turned based JRPG that is like Shin Megami Tensei?

I love megami tensei as a whole because of it's vibrant, unique and alive world building and it's mythological, gnosticism lore. I don't give a shit about the characters if the world building itself is great. Also is there a combat system that is not boring as fuck. Like is there a combat system even tho it's not the press turn system that is at least not "Attack. Heal. Attack. Heal."
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2021.12.09 09:32 IsDaouda_Games What's new with Qt Design Studio 2.3

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2021.12.09 09:32 MurkingDolphins Feel the weight of what we owe

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2021.12.09 09:32 Losaru Saw this post and thought of Tom. I can see him having this tree

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2021.12.09 09:32 BrassCitySaint The one in the lower right is my Bottom Boy

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2021.12.09 09:32 canceroushumour69 QUID GAME - Skit

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2021.12.09 09:32 OppositeNo1860 biatrix.lourix (Beatriz Silva) 🔥

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2021.12.09 09:32 xponentialdesign Black Ball Parametric Series #3 | by GenerativePunk

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2021.12.09 09:32 Matt_Johnsonx Von Wagner Needs new Theme Music

I really wanna like this guy because I think he has a lot of potential but the theme music he currently has sounds like generic custom superstar music on WWE 2k. He desperately needs something better and now that he’s heel I hope he gets a new heel theme
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2021.12.09 09:32 LeDroytex Truly beyond any understanding

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2021.12.09 09:32 ConversationOk9965 looking

20 not-so-fem type of gayman looking for 25-30 gay/bi! hmu
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2021.12.09 09:32 80sRedditer Hier ein Kuchentagmaimai zum Zweijährigen

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