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Received this from a Nuclear Engineer:

2021.12.09 11:09 SpaceF1sh69 Received this from a Nuclear Engineer:

I was trying to understand why my keyboard failed. I never spilled a drink on it. However, I sprayed it frequently with disinfectant, especially at the beginning of the pandemic.
I suggest you send an email to all employees of -blank- to warn them against spraying disinfectant on the keyboard of laptops. Using a wipe seems safe, but spraying is definitely not."
He's working from home. lol
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2021.12.09 11:09 Mmd93_3 Can we talk about how terrible the breath of the characters who always battle must smell ?

Like for real, for example the guys in the HSU who battle for numerous days, sometimes they rarely get to eat, I don’t think they brush their teeth and when they wake up, they go directly on the battleground and fight during the entire day without eating
And yet they constantly shout on each other’s faces and nobody seems to be bothered about that 😂😂😂
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2021.12.09 11:09 Pundarikaksh Tell me what i should make

I have carrots, cabbage, onions, radish, potatoes, eggplants, rice, whole wheat flour, various spices, milk. Please suggest vegetarian dishes i.e. dairy products included, but NOT eggs since in my home we do not eat eggs. This is my first post on reddit. Please forgive me if I made a mistake writing it.
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Hello. I just want to ask if accredited po ba ng DOST ang BS PHARMACY sa OLFU Antipolo? Today ko lang din kasi nareceive email ni DOST na qualified daw ako.
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2021.12.09 11:09 Knightwing2525 Missing most of my reward

I got and notification saying I was sent 0.25 BAT from brave but I was owed 1.77 BAT, never had this happen before in the year I've been using brave.
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uttig Building Products located in Saco, Maine is now hiring for all departments!
-Must be 18 years or older to apply -In person Interviews -Must pass basic math nad measurement test -Must pass background check, drug screening, basic physical, and eye test -Must have updated resume, and previous job experince -Covid-19 vaccination required -Pay varies based on experience -Competitive wages -401k Match -Medical Insurance -Dental Insurance -Vision Insurance -Company Paid Holidays off -Paid Vacation -Overtime
Interior Department: -Picker -Two positions availible for Trim/Package Assembler
Exterior Department: -Framer -Specialty Prep Assembler (carpentry experience required)
Factory Finish Department: -Prep Assembler -Prep Assembler -Stain Department -Builders (carpentry experience required)
Truck Drivers: (must have Medical Card, Long Form, and up to date license. Must be willing to work Overnights) -CDL A -CDL A -CDL B
If interested in any of these positions, please reach out to me for any further information, questions, or inquiry
Applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran state, or the presence of a disability or handicap, provided the applicant has the ability to perform the essential functions of the position for which the applicant is applying, either with or without reasonable accommodations.
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Around 9
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2021.12.09 11:09 AidoruRisemara Lyrical Deep Dive: 思い出じゃない今日を - Yuzu's transient memories of Cinderella

So this was something I've always wanted to do for a while. I think this song is highly overlooked and often misunderstood. The song's appearance is rather deceptive and it initially seems extremely strange that an energetic social animal and general genki girl ended up with some mid energy song that initially appears rather disjointed to most people's impression of the character. However, if you take a closer look at the lyrics, the inner workings of this masterpiece really open up. So the goal today is to share with the rest of the world what makes this song so great and why it's worth your time and attention.
For some reason whenever it comes to writing about a character song there's always that extra layer of complication where I'm diving into material that relates closely to what defines the inner most core of what the character and that makes it all the more scary to be wrong about something. So let's hope I get this right. Interesting fact is that back in the days where majority of idols were voiced by CM, the character song is one of the first things related to the character the seiyuu's get to interact with outside of audition material and quite a few have spoken about how their song has shaped how they think about the character which means that Yuta is probably one of the most influential writers in all of CG of all time and he doesn't even write commu content afaik.
Speaking of writer, steµ the composer and lyricist for this song is a pretty big yuzuP. I mean you can go and watch the Magical Extra Time for this solo where they talk a bit about it and walk away thinking this is some P greeting session.
Anyway let's get started shall we.

またさ、一緒に話をしようよ お互い話題なんてなくっても 言葉が溢れて止まらないような いつもと変わらない話をさ
Let's have a talk together again Even if there isn't any common topics Its like [the] words are overflowing and won't stop It's the same talk as always
As usual with any song, the first section of the song sets the stage and the tone for the rest of the piece. We get used to the social animal that is Yuzu and the nature of this interaction that we seem to be having with her, which will be an important theme of this song. As a matter of fact, you will see that for most of the song its written like a conversation.
あのね、この世界に飛び込んでさ ホントは不安な日もあったんだよ アタシは何か叶えるのカナって ただ光の中を漂うのカナって
Well, [When I] Jump[ed] into this world There were days where [I] was uneasy too [I think] What can I possibly grant [Am I] just floating around in the light?
So this part talks about her starting out as an idol. The essential description of a character's goals, objectives and thoughts is what makes them more than just a background object.
でもね、ワクワクは止まらない 友達や仲間たちが そしてキミが 思い出じゃないアタシ自身を作ってくれた
But the trembling [anticipation/excitedness] won't stop Friends and companions and then there's you [you] made my self not [just] a memory
Beyond that description, we're treated to an exposition and metaphor about how Yuzu is what she is because of both you and and the other people around her. The whole idea of being more than just a transient object like that of a memory being made into something more than that is a very powerful metaphor of gratitude. Because of you she's able to do more than just exist.
ありがとう 今までの精いっぱいで応えるよ それが未知のアタシへと また 叶えるべきものと変わり 思い出を越えて続くから
Thank you. Until now, [I have] done my best to respond you know That is for the unknown me Yet to fulfilled things and change because it will continue beyond [these] memories
This song is quite full of gratitude and it really shows in almost every corner. It gives you that nice and warm feeling inside. In this particular case we can see that Yuzu wants to drive change and make improvements to do more, be more and achieve more. An overarching theme you'll find in this song can be summarized as "Thanks to you I've been able to make it this far, but I'm still growing so please watch and take care of me". This is a pretty common theme in general, and is probably the most common in the yearly election BEST5 songs.
アタシの声が聴こえる? 叫ぶよ「今が楽しい」! キミもそうなら とてもラッキー! そう、それでいいでしょ?
Can you hear my voice? I'm going to shout "[the] now is fun" If it's so for you as well, that's very lucky! It's good just like this isn't it?
This part is all nice and cheeky and all but there's something to be thought about. One interesting thought to consider is the expressions used here. What do they tell you about the nature of this conversation that we've been following. These are expressions that are typically used when someone tries to spice up an awkward quiet conversation. It gives an interesting description of the kind of tension there is in the air.
またさ、一緒に話をしようよ 別にね オチなんかはなくっても そんなコトあったねって笑うような なんだかくすぐったい話をさ
Let's have a talk together again particularly even if things like punchlines don't exist Like we're laughing to "That happened huh" Somehow we had an embarrassing talk
Now we're having even more context over the nature of this talk. The atmosphere is quite awkward for some unexplained reason…
歩こう あてはなくてもマイペースに 先が望む場所かは分かんないけど 白い広い世界に踏み出して まずは足跡をつけてみよう
Let's walk, even if there isn't an objective, at my own pace I don't know if what lies ahead is the place I want to be Step forward into the vast white world first of all, [I] try to make footprints
So maybe this talking thing hasn't been working out very well for us, its time to engage in a different activity. Things really start picking up from this point so strap on tight this is going to be a ride.
One very important point to take note here is the "vast white world" being described here refers to a snow covered landscape. I cannot overemphasize how important this is. As you will see shortly this is a major point in the song. Because the landscape is snow covered, you can make footprints by walking on the snow. Also themes regarding a white world or light seems relatively common in the Cinderella Girls series which always seems to have something to do with the stage, spotlight or world of the idol. The whole uncertainty about what lies ahead seems to also suggest that that is one of the patterns we're supposed to catch here.
そうだ、アタシは知ってたよ ひとりでじゃ気付けないような 未来繋ぐキラキラの芽 初めて出会えたときの感動を!
That's right, I knew it [you know?] Its like I wouldn't have noticed by myself The sparkling sprouts that connect the future The excitement of being able to meet for the first time
So here there's these "sparkling sprouts" which is a bit of a weird one because its kinda out of nowhere. One of the ways to look at it is that these sprouts are frozen in the ground and the ice is reflecting the light of the sun or surroundings. This is also something that should be kept in mind because it's referenced again later.
一人の足跡は まっすぐな一本だけでも 交じり合って生まれた歌が こんな日々の証なら アタシ、キミに会えて本当に良かったよ
The footprints of a single person are just a straight line but if the song born from mingling is testimony of days like this then it's truly good that I have been able to meet you
So the phrasing of this part starts getting more complicated. Parts of this come off as something like "Even though I walked the path alone I'm glad that I was able to meet you".
歌おうよ キミも一緒に 叫ぶよ「今が楽しい」! そうやって笑えるなら それでオッケー! もう未来じゃなくてさ 今が奇跡なんだ
Let's sing! You too, together I'm going to shout "[the] now is fun" If [you're] able to laugh when I do that, then that's OK! It's not the future anymore; surely now is the miracle
This part is very similar to the first chorus, where we're going back to the general theme of (somewhat) awkward activities with Yuzu. Again with the comparison from the present to the future we draw on the repeating theme of turning something that is a mere concept or imagination into reality. In this case, the future represents dreams, desire, destination and development. The miracle could refer to the ability to meet with you. Also there is very likely wordplay here since Kiseki (Miracle 奇跡) shares reading with another kiseki (Path traveled 軌跡) which kinda ties in to the whole theme of walking and leaving footsteps. Frequently when wordplay on the interpretation of kiseki is involved, the reading in lyrics is left in katakana キセキ (eg. nagareboshi kiseki 流れ星キセキ or the recent event kiseki no akashi キセキの証) so this might be a harder one to spot if you weren't paying attention to the themes.
ありがとう 今日 いろんなコトがあったね でもね まだやりたいコトだらけなんだよ
Thank you. Today Various things happened eh But you know, [there remains] nothing but things I want to do
The translation comes across as a bit weird, but it's a relatively natural phrasing in Japanese. You can think of it more of like "There's still so much I want to do" which is a similar english expression that doesn't quite capture the original nuances of the phrase but makes much more sense to our english brains.
おはよう 今日 夢のような夜が見せた世界よりも 遥かなセカイ 新しい旅がまた始まる さあ
Good morning. Today From at world further than the one which let me see a dream-like night A new journey is starting again
This is quite simple yet at the same time can be quite profound. What is this world further than another world where a new journey is starting. A dream like night is very clearly some cinderella theme considering this series literally is Cinderella Girls and so this is all about the night where Cinderella gets a spell cast on her and she gets to experience the ball. In non-fairytale speak that means getting a taste of life as an idol on stage. My interpretation of this is that the world further than this cinderella world is that of reality. The verse talks about drawing that connection between fairytale and the now, to make that more than just another fairy tale, to ensure that dream never ends and becomes the new reality, to set out on a cinderella journey on her own two feet. Aside from the fact that I just dropped half a dozen other song references, I believe this strongly ties in to the theme of this song of turning transient into reality.
一瞬が結晶を成して 輝いた雪が いつか 眩しすぎた春が来て 形を失くすとしても それは 次に待つ出会いからの合図
The sparkling snow formed a crystal for an instant Even if someday the overly dazzling spring will come [and] it loses it's shape That is a sign to look forward to the next meeting
And now we have reached the climax of the song. This first line is possibly the most dramatically delivered line in the entire song accompanied with the dramatic hit of the music. So what is going on here?
Now you could start rushing down the scientific explanation train and look at how this doesn't make sense because snow technically is ice crystal or maybe you can investigate the idea of snow accumulation creating glacials over time which count as a large ice crystal, but if you study the context here I find it hard to argue that this is the case.
In my opinion, this reflects the change of season and the melting of the snow. As the temperature fluctuates while we shift into a warmer season the crystals are formed when the melted snow freezes again during a cold night. This ties in directly to the next part where the "dazzling spring" comes and it causes all of these things to be lost completely.
So why do I consider this the climax? If you think back to what the snow covered world represents (the stage and spotlight of an idol) and the activities we've done on it (making footprints, our representation of progress, our effort and the miracle) this section is a point where everything that we've covered so far gets turned on it's head. In many ways it's done just like the way the Cinderella Story goes, what does the cinderella do after the spell is broken?
足跡はいずれ消えても 会えるよ いつか あの日に雪融けを受けて吹いた芽が 今日も景色を作ってる
Even if [The] footprints will eventually disappear We'll be able to meet, someday the blown sprouts receiving the thawing on that day Will make the scenery even today
Of course, Cinderella will find her way back to the ball somehow and that's why we'll meet again. But this time the circumstances are slightly different, a new beginning with the coming of spring. The sprouts that were frozen and covered in snow during the winter will be able to grow and bloom eventually. This is the metaphor of the fresh start.
そうやって ありふれた日々をずっと キミと歩いていこう 思い出じゃない今日を
Doing like that, mundane everyday constantly Walking together with you [Let's make] today not just a memory
And finally we have our title drop. A short part of the cinderella tale has come to an end but there is more that remains to be written. Just like before there's some walking involved, and it's the journey that will turn dreams and fairytale into reality.
またさ、一緒に話をしようよ いつもと変わらない話をさ
Let's have a talk together again It's the same talk as always
This brings us to the end of the song, which ends off the same way it starts. You could think of this as some sort of loop or tie in to the intro again, but I don't think thats the most important takeaway here, so I won't be pursuing this much further.
To close it off, it is clear that this song was written by someone who understands both the character and the franchise deeply. Perhaps a bit inspired by the original Cinderella Girls anime while at it since we've essentially covered majority of the first season and the part that follows in the second season. I'll admit that I probably would have missed some of the themes in this song if not for Hotaru's segment in Chitose's main commu (which is basically the arc that culminates at Barefoot Girl in the anime) being an excellent reminder on some of the more interesting analogies that are used to tie to the Cinderella fairytale in the series. So in some way putting this writeup off for like 9 months or so benefitted it in some sense. Yet in all my incompetence I seem to have missed both the date of Yuzu's birthday and also the date of her addition to mobamas.
Anyway that is all I have for this time. I'm not sure what I'll be working on next. Seasons has been highly requested but I also do have to consider if there are any other interesting overlooked songs that might be particularly worth covering.
If you liked this writeup and haven't seen my other past work, you may be interested to check out the most recent entries on the 3Chord series
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2021.12.09 11:09 MarlowesMustache Did I just realize Sidney is wearing Derrick’s frat necklace the whole time in Scream 3?

I saw the movie opening weekend, and now I can’t tell whether I ever noticed this or not. IS TIME A FLAT CIRCLE?
Very touching, maybe it just never registered with me the same way if I ever did in fact notice it before.
Anyway, Scream 3 is trash, sorry to remind anyone of it, hope you’re all having an otherwise nice day though :)
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2021.12.09 11:09 David_R_Carroll Men and women of Reddit, what made you WANT a second date with someone?

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As title says and I can't get a refund :( I have the points for Xbox but don't have an Xbox 12000 too :(
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2021.12.09 11:09 LemonChild_123 Must more be said?

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2021.12.09 11:09 PsarasApoTousLigous Question going to players from plat and above

When I try to play good I’m very careful in my decisions and that’s how I sometimes I win games but when I’m playing just from my “nature” without really a second thought I play a lot worse.so my question is players above gold really have the good decision making a second nature or you have really to think about every move you make
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