Which of these names do you prefer to use to refer the purple colored fruit when talking in english?

2021.12.09 09:38 GeosAlt Which of these names do you prefer to use to refer the purple colored fruit when talking in english?

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2021.12.09 09:38 alotofballpointink This is the face I imagine when I think of a farmer

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2021.12.09 09:38 RegretPopular9970 MARK YOUR CALENDARS, BLANKIES

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2021.12.09 09:38 johnzete Learning path Trombone reggae

Hi all, I want start learning to play trombone, and wanted to ask here for an advice how to start with it. My goal is to play in a reggae bend :) I’m 28 years old, without experience with Brass instruments. Thanks!
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2021.12.09 09:38 King_Kurtus Don't do it, don't give me hope.

You bastards are getting me excited for a Silksong release date.
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2021.12.09 09:38 BlueTrapazoid No regrets

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2021.12.09 09:38 TheBeardedMidget Wolf Lord Bastian. C&C more then welcome xD my first undertaking with this much greenstuff. Not to happy about the hair. Furr is done with the furr plate from greenstuffworld.

Wolf Lord Bastian. C&C more then welcome xD my first undertaking with this much greenstuff. Not to happy about the hair. Furr is done with the furr plate from greenstuffworld. submitted by TheBeardedMidget to SpaceWolves [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 09:38 Informal_Ranger3496 [qtile] i changed stuff i hope this helps atleast

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2021.12.09 09:38 Jonny_Peake My ape painting... Moon and stars in the eyes! 💎🤚🚀 "No.8". 51 X 41 cm

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2021.12.09 09:38 Independent-Scar-867 Parry charm for solo mage

How useful is the parry charm for solo mages? It's my fifth charm, I have freeze, zap, divine wrath and curse so far.
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2021.12.09 09:38 SnooJokes7475 How check the state of individual checkbox in reactjs (material-table and windmill-ui)

I am having a table which will contain list of students fetched from a database. When I click each student row a modal popup will be shown containing another table of 4 rows and 3 columns. Each column in the modal will contain 4 checkboxes. When I click a checkbox I want to change the status column of that row from 'pending' to 'paid' and also the the badge property type from 'danger' to 'success'. The problem is when I click a checkbox it changes all the columns status from 'pending' to 'paid' instead of just changing that single single row.
Here is my code

import { Table, TableBody, TableCell, Badge, TableFooter, TableRow, TableHeader, TableContainer, Input, Modal, ModalHeader, ModalBody, ModalFooter, Button, } from "@windmill/react-ui"; import MaterialTable from "material-table"; import AddBox from "@material-ui/icons/AddBox"; import ArrowDownward from "@material-ui/icons/ArrowDownward"; import Check from "@material-ui/icons/Check"; import ChevronLeft from "@material-ui/icons/ChevronLeft"; import ChevronRight from "@material-ui/icons/ChevronRight"; import Clear from "@material-ui/icons/Clear"; import DeleteOutline from "@material-ui/icons/DeleteOutline"; import Edit from "@material-ui/icons/Edit"; import FilterList from "@material-ui/icons/FilterList"; import FirstPage from "@material-ui/icons/FirstPage"; import LastPage from "@material-ui/icons/LastPage"; import Remove from "@material-ui/icons/Remove"; import SaveAlt from "@material-ui/icons/SaveAlt"; import Search from "@material-ui/icons/Search"; import ViewColumn from "@material-ui/icons/ViewColumn"; import React, { forwardRef, useState } from "react"; const Admin = () => { const [isModalOpen, setIsModalOpen] = useState(false); const [id, setId] = useState(""); function openModal(ids) { setId(ids.studentId); setIsModalOpen(true); } function closeModal() { setIsModalOpen(false); } const tableIcons = { Add: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), Check: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), Clear: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), Delete: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), DetailPanel: forwardRef((props, ref) => (  )), Edit: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), Export: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), Filter: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), FirstPage: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), LastPage: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), NextPage: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), PreviousPage: forwardRef((props, ref) => (  )), ResetSearch: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), Search: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), SortArrow: forwardRef((props, ref) => (  )), ThirdStateCheck: forwardRef((props, ref) => (  )), ViewColumn: forwardRef((props, ref) => ), }; const [status, setStatus] = useState("pending"); const [badge, setBadge] = useState("danger"); const handleClick = (e) => { //Do something if checkbox is clicked if (e.target.checked) { setStatus("paid"); setBadge("success"); } else { setStatus("pending"); setBadge("danger"); } }; // Table to be rendered in the modal function renderTable() { return (    Dues Amount Status     
Level 100 100 {status} handleClick(e)} />
Level 200 100 {status} handleClick(e)} />
Level 300 100 {status} handleClick(e)} />
Level 400 100 {status} handleClick(e)} />
); } return ( {/* Modal popup */} {id} {renderTable()} openModal(rowData)} /> ); }; export default Admin;
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2021.12.09 09:38 Theblackswordsman87 Axis Question

Is there a way to align your object with the world axis points?
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2021.12.09 09:38 Kyoshiroryuken No need to drop M2 - Motivational Mewtwo Tailmbo Video

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2021.12.09 09:38 Secure_Candy6472 Boring class be like

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2021.12.09 09:38 AkiaDoc So...META has its own game podcast: That Other Gaming Podcast (/w After the Fall)...It's OK.

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2021.12.09 09:38 peacekatll ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚡ Launching Now on BSC ❤ Low Marketcap!! ☀︎ Join our telegram!

Welcome To ⚔️ AlienX ⚔️
⚔️ a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game ⚔️
⚡️Explore the world of Zaidara through a thrilling campaign mode, or battle PVP and reap the rewards⚡️
Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
‍♀️ Fully Doxxed Team
☄︎ Earn Rewards in BUSD
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➡️ NY billboards, celebrities and much more in the next few days.
⛩️ Tokenomics
✈️3% Marketing Fee
✈1% Charity Donation
✈️2% Buy Back Fee
✈️3% Liquidity Premium
✈️7% BUSD Reflections
❄️Liquidity Lock 1 year
♟️ Token Details ♟️
Contract Address: 0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
Name: AlienX
Symbol: ALX
Decimals: 9
☢️ Useful Links
↪️ Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4989650C198B901a73BE5536E00BC48466eDBBAA
↪️ Website: https://alienx.online/
↪️ Telegram: https://t.me/AlienxOfficial
↪️ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlienxOnline
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2021.12.09 09:38 Akakma The great manipulation of the world comes to fruition: Kids growing up in the COVID-19 era are damaged

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2021.12.09 09:38 Sanders-extra Making a meme of all the god powers day 45

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2021.12.09 09:38 SkippyP How do i transfer from tiger to IKBR?

Honestly, I've tried contacting tiger support about how to fill up their transfer form and they told me to ask IKBR. I've given up on trying to ask them. Can anyone please help to explain what each field means? I think mainly i need to ask about these fields

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2021.12.09 09:38 oopsthoughtoutloud Somebody gave me a 1 star last night, now I’m worried I won’t make rent.

Was hanging on by a thread going from a 5 to a 4.93 barely even making $100 a day, now my rating is 4.83 and they’ve only offered me a two order batch for $9 this morning. fuck. well, there goes rent and christmas gift money.
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2021.12.09 09:38 TimelyKaleidoscope56 Ex’s on social

Is it weird/ shady if your SO still has their ex’s on social media and talks to them???
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2021.12.09 09:38 LostIrishHoodie Rift S vs Quest 2 with Link

I'm looking to buy a rift s or a quest 2 and i'm strung between the 2 for this reason: The rift S plugs straight into the GPU and the quest does not. I also recently purchased an rtx 3060 so i feel it'd be a waste to have it if the quest 2 doesnt utilize it at all. My question is with the specs of my PC, will the quest 2 actually utilise my PC enough to run better in every way to the rift S? I feel that spending the extra 90ish pounds on the link cable, it ought to out perform the rift S in all areas
PC specs: - Ryzen 7 3700X - RTX 3060 OC - 16GB DDR4 RAM - Win 10 - etc etc not important
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2021.12.09 09:38 Feedback_Expensive Walmart 25% discount

Can you use your discount code online as a promo code to do ogp
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2021.12.09 09:38 decamarks PSA: Mihoyo appears to have just implemented anti-jailbreak measures to the iOS version of genshin

If you are jailbroken and you play on any server but the america server, you will likely encounter this error: https://i.redd.it/cmeqtf49cd481.png
Based on another conversation i had with a jailbroken user, this jailbreak detection appears to have be implemented just today. This is likely related to the new anti-cheat update that also prevents ReShade from working with genshin.
Currrently, a temporary workaround i have discovered for jailbroken users >! is to reboot your iOS device back to its non-jailbroken state and relaunch the app. This is under the assumption that you are running a semi-tethered jailbreak like unc0vetaurine etc. If you are on iOS 14 and are using the latest untethered jailbreak, you might have to find a way to boot your phone back into a non-jailbroken state. !<
I however, do not recommend using this workaround and will not take any responsibility if you get banned. The fact that mihoyo has just implemented jailbreak detection indicates that they are likely looking to prohibit jailbroken devices from playing the game. Furthermore, jailbreak detection bypass such as A-bypass and even a kernel level detection bypass such as vnodebypass are not working.
Currently, I am unaware if rooted androids are able to play. If you are jailbroken, i would advice you to contact support and seek clarification as to whether or not jailbroken devices are prohibited.
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2021.12.09 09:38 gardyregs DMT Entity Synthwave

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