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Sleeping in a hammock by smol-lettuce-art

2021.12.09 10:04 Gambler_Deck Sleeping in a hammock by smol-lettuce-art

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2021.12.09 10:04 Glass-Height-8637 No Name Boys deixam marca na casa de banho do Tribunal de Sintra

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2021.12.09 10:04 Xx_Kronik_xX The Giving Tree

Even now as an adult, I still remember the giving tree clearly. I remember my mother telling me and my brother, Eric that it was a special tree, it had been her Christmas tree growing up, and her mother's before that. It never withered, it always looked fresh and healthy. Our mother told us that every Christmas Eve if you leave an offering under the tree, you will find a present the next morning in its place. The present was always made from the same material as the offering.
She was right! On Christmas Eve she left a pile of wood underneath the tree, and upon waking up the next morning. We found two wooden nutcrackers fully painted under the tree where the pile of wood had been. Me and my brother were in awe. Our mother thanked the tree, and told us to do the same. And we did.
Next Christmas Eve me and my brother left a pile of broken electronics, and some scratched discs underneath the tree, and upon waking up we discovered a brand new looking Playstation 2, and a copy of Ratchet And Clank. Our mouths widened in a big smile upon seeing the console under the tree. We both thanked the giving tree, and proceeded to play the Playstation all day. And when we was laying in bed we spoke about the tree...
"What do you think would happen if a person was left under the tree as an offering?" Eric asked.
"I don't know," I replied.
Many years passed, and when me and Eric were both teenagers we had become more skeptical of the giving tree, especially Eric. We didn't believe in magic anymore. Though our mother still insisted on tradition. Eric believed that our mother was putting the items under the tree, and the reason it never withered was because it was made from plastic. He wanted to see it with his own eyes, to witness the giving tree in action in order to believe, so on Christmas Eve he told me of his plan. He was going to stay up all night watching the tree.
When night came, and our mother was asleep Eric snuck out of bed, and headed downstairs to the living room where the giving tree was. I was too tired to follow him, so I went to sleep.
I was woke up the next morning to the sound of my mother screaming. I quickly shot out of bed and rushed downstairs to the living room. My mother was on her knees by the tree sobbing into her hands. My heart began to beat fast, and my eyes widened with shock upon looking under the giving tree. Underneath the tree was a lifesize doll made of skin that had been crudely stitched together…
It looked just like Eric!
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2021.12.09 10:04 blackisgod These scammers

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2021.12.09 10:04 Balletfingers What are the three cruxes of the Fifty Classic Ski Lines of North America?

Cody Townsend mentions this in his video that Mt St Elias is one
I assume Mt Robson is another
What's the third?
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2021.12.09 10:04 Kek02c Were the ancient Greeks black?

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2021.12.09 10:04 AlanKPG Can I send the item i DNA'd back?

basically can I send the item which i DNA'd back to amazon, so my account gets unflagged? I want to DNA a higher price item, next month.
Edit: Basically i heard you account gets flagged 3 times. First as a note saying this happened, second some expert starts looking at your account and third you are blacklisted.
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2021.12.09 10:04 jessejustin Piano cover of Broken :)

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2021.12.09 10:04 doom_slayer25 Christmas is coming

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2021.12.09 10:04 aldnau Ben Stokes Rates Your Cricket Skills | Rate My Skills | To cheer up the English fans.

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2021.12.09 10:04 PhantomX98 Knee Braces with 3 Adjustable Heat-Settings $32.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.12.09 10:04 BowelMan Is there a way to determine which difficulty I have chosen at the start of the game?

There's no such information on the save selection, or anywhere in the game.
Was wondering if maybe there's something in the game files about that?
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2021.12.09 10:04 originaltwojesters Evergrande defaults on dollar debt.

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2021.12.09 10:04 KonekoBot Fri Dec 10 00:04:07 2021

NYSE:GME / 267
I started with value investing, still have a value portfolio. Read every book I could find on the subject and every book I could find on Munger, Buffett e.t.c and that was all for about 20 years. Then the WSB craze and GME hit the news, and I was intrigued, got my level 4 options approval and bought some GME. Luckily (or unluckily) I made money on one of the Gamma squeezes. I then wasted 6 months thinking I new what I was doing, tried ‘The Wheel’ did it all.. I then applied what I did with Value Investing to Options.. Read every book, watched every video and read every forum I could.. I’m doing well now again, I’ve recovered from my insanity. The reason I gave this background is I wanted to be clear, I’m a prolific reader, and I’m reasonable at value investing. But for options trading I’m very new, ignoring GME, I’ve only been profitable for the last 4 months. So my recommendation of books shouldn’t carry much weight, I’m too new to the game. None the less, I found the following to be the most helpful in my journey and lead me to finding an approach that works for me. (For the last 4 months) (If you don’t know anything about options at all then definitely a beginner book as a primer, Options Trading: QuickStart Guide - The Simplified Beginner's Guide To Options Trading (QuickStart Guides™ - Finance) Clydebank Finance) Options as a Strategic Investment - Lawrence G. McMillan Option Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques - Sheldon Natenberg Positional Option Trading: An Advanced Guide - Euan Sinclair Edit: My name was based on Dr Livingstone, the explorer.. As I’m exploring Reddit/Options and WSB.. That’s how it started anyway.. I wish I could delete Diamond, what an idiot I was.. 20 years of ignoring the stupid and then I got sucked in at a moment of weakness.. Anyway.. I know Scotland, but not well, only as a visitor, lived in Northumberland for a little while.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 10:11:34 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
When a stock has a crazy move they do put a halt on shorting, it's very rare, I remember TLRY, GME, right now the only actual non shortable I see is nat gas short fund KOLD.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 15:42:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : Daytrading
GME on sale right now!
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 07:22:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
Hi, Those are all fair concerns, especially with a small company like that. It is obviously always a gamble with a subpenny company as there isn't as much information out there. I like the idea of what they are trying to achieve, the fact that they are a green company worth supporting. I'd recommend having a look at their website, as well as their twitter: https://carbonmetatech.com/ As for the pumpers, I think that is an unfortunate truth of ALL penny stocks, especially since the whole GME thing. There will always be people pumping and dumping, but the right companies will survive that and slowly grow. I believe in buying and holding companies for at least 5 years. I don't day trade. Penny stocks at less than 2% of my portfolio. I mostly hold ETFS and big established companies, but like to invest from time to time in small companies I believe in / who are trying to make a difference. If I get rich in the process I certainly won't complain, and if I lose it all I will simply shrug since I don't put more than 1k in penny stuff. I bought 1 million shares for $600, we'll see what happens haha.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 14:30:45 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
And you also think GME will short squeeze again. Please tell me you actually sold all your “boomer” stocks and went all in
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 23:06:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
I’ve been making a killing off GME, no complaints here. I wish you luck with CTXR.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 00:38:56 2021 SUBREDDIT : pennystocks
As an ML engineer, my two cents are that yes it's going to happen, but we are a long way away from a network architecture that can summarize hundreds of variables (FOMO, twitter, facebook, GME apes, news outlets, OTHER AI, etc.) that aren't connected whatsoever and make consistently correct predictions. ​ In computer vision right now, we have images with context fundamentally built in. Your Tesla sees a guy drinking beer while driving? Obviously he's drunk and you should stay away from him. But we still have trouble adding "drunk people avoidance" features in self-driving cars. Imagine trying to tell a trading algorithm to put two-and-two together when some TikToker says buying $25 of Doge coin is going to make everyone $10k. Yeah, you could do it, but it's a much harder problem.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 16:13:26 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
I mean cmon, it isn't all GME. ^ must of got burned playing with fire.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 20:23:19 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Hype stock maybe but not a meme stock. It’s a company with real growth compared to shit like GME, AMC and BB.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 15:34:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
let's be honest AMC is a joke that people take too seriously. GME is only the play for the MOASS everyone else will get rug pulled.
NYSE:GME DATE : Mon Dec 6 12:01:13 2021 SUBREDDIT : StockMarket
Reading this comment section is eye opening. All this time I thought people were just holding GME ironically for the short squeeze, but it turns out a lot of people legitimately believe that GME is some kind of sleeping tech giant on its way to be the next Amazon. I don't even know what to say about this. Good luck, I guess.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:48:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME still gets baseless ridicule for being a "dying" brick-and-mortar retailer when that is so far from the case. It is transforming into a legitimate tech company. Just look at its job postings for proof. Forget about everything you know about the short squeeze. This company has a bright future led by a stellar management team. Invest in that.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 21:39:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
sort by controversial Ah all the haters and naysayers crawling out the woodworks like they waited everyday in anticipation for shitty earnings so they can bash the stock. I won't call all of you shills, I imagine there's many normal people who truly think this is a terrible investment. And that's fine! Just be sure to accept your actions 5, 10, 20 years down the road when a $1,000 investment today could become a million later. My own thesis for originally getting into GME was that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only become rich, but to shove your arm in the anuses of the 1% while doing it. I sure as hell will not tell my grandkids that I could have been part of history but instead I didn't want to buy a "dying brick and mortar" because my own ignorance and stubbornness prevented me from opening my eyes a bit more. Whether you like it or not, or if you even agree with it, there is something legendary happening with Gamestop. If investing a few hundred dollars or whatever is outside your risk tolerance, just make sure you accept you will be sitting on the sidelines of history.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:01:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Am I reading the earnings report wrong? This business looks terrible. They lose money on every item they sell after factoring in employee/advertising expenses. This isn't a company like Amazon where they "lose" money because they spend their profits all on R&D. GME is just a straight loss from regular business operations. It's like if I bought a Hot Dog for $5, hired someone and paid them $3 to sell it for $7, resulting in a $1 loss. The only way they can improve EPS is by selling less.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 23:04:38 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME lost another $100m+ in a quarter even with more revenue than expected, with a 168% miss on eps and people think this was a good ER? The delusion here is insane.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 04:25:00 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
>Established new offices in Seattle, Washington and Boston, Massachusetts, which are technology hubs with established talent markets. As a tech employee, my first thought/question is what is GMEs position on work from home? Like, that's cool they've got new offices in tech hubs, but the idea of tech hubs implies an in office workforce. That's a huge negative for most folks in tech right now.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:42:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
This guy literally forgot a minus and acts like GME is reporting great earning. They had -1,39 USD per share instead of -0,22 USD! They sixfolded their losses.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 07:50:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Hey GME people, it's not healthy to be this emotionally invested into 1 company. It's just a company that is trying to transform and survive, it may do well, it may not. Maybe don't hyper-focus on 1 company to the point of obsession. Buy a few shares and move on.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 08:04:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Funniest thing to do is go on dubba-u-es-bee. They are so heavily against GME that it's almost comical. Like you can be bearish on a company but they froth at the mouth any time someone is slightly bullish on the ticker. It's pretty funny.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 01:07:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Lol, not a GME shill here, but in their 10-Q they literally state that their SGA expenses are associated with their tech transformation in the footnotes. To be fair though, they don’t quantify this at all. https://news.gamestop.com/static-files/d8478a24-97e8-414e-bfd6-f1f73522ceda “Contributing to the increase in SG&A expenses are costs associated with our transformation into a technology company, which include increased labor costs as the Company in-sources talent and expands its capabilities to support growth, severance expenses, increased marketing costs, and customer care costs. We expect to continue to incur costs associated with our transformation initiatives.”
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 01:02:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Just ask yourself this, why would a bunch of executives from Amazon and Chewy leave to join a "dying brick and mortar company", only taking GME shares as payment not cash just too watch the stock get beat up for months. They know something about GameStop we don't
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 03:51:44 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Tbh, I only got into GME for the squeeze, but stayed for all the interesting future plans and brand new all-star executive team. Im starting to think this is tesla 2.0 Thats just me though, I get that not all share their vision with me and thats totally fine. Good luck to us all In the markets
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 06:46:48 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Haha not with GME. GME goes up and down on no news because of reasons I won’t explain here due to everyone’s disbelief in the gamestop series over the past year
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:06:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME holders read financials like Christians read the Bible
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 03:53:58 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
After a crappy earnings report and no vision you mock us for not thinking your stock will be worth millions per share any day now? Are video games that revolutionary? ​ Apple is making self driving cars but who cares - GME is making NFTs and selling crappy toys!
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:58:29 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Lol I love this response because amongst all the haters on this sub, there is never a reasonable explanation for this. People can say "oh look, the stonkers are ignoring X just because some people switched jobs", or whatever, but it's a really terrible argument when you look at which people are leaving their jobs, and from where, and for what. People from Amazon, Apple, Google, FB, Chewy, and other major companies are leaving their executive positions in droves. And no one is getting a cushy salary either. Either they know what's coming, or Ryan Cohen is a hypnotist. Those who pick on a negative EPS for a growing company are hilarious--this is almost always a part of the business growth cycle. They have to cling on to this, because its one thing that looks bad against all the others intriguing developments occurring within the rest of the company. It's like this for every ER on this sub for GME. I've seen every single one for over a year now, and the same people have the same lines to say every time. Funny how narrow-minded some people can get
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 07:28:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
The GME shills are blasting you with downvotes. Why are they so angry? Aren't they going to be billionaires in a couple of weeks?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:56:07 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME is talking about Blockchain/web3/NFT BestBuy sells 50$ HDMI cables and old washing machines.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 01:38:22 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
So they trade at a P/S multiple that is ~4.0x higher than Best Buy..... So riddle me this: how are GME's future growth prospects so much better than Best Buy's? So much so that for each dollar you're paying as an investor to buy 1 share of GME (relative to BBY) to receive proportionally 25% of those earnings, had you invested that same dollar into BBY?
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 23:01:04 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Many companies with ridiculous valuations exist on the market (Tesla?), yet they continue to go up. Why? Because people invest in their future potential. Do I think GME has serious future potential? Yes.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 22:17:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Can you in good faith say that only $2.80/share was a fair valuation 15 months ago? A company that goes from indebted to $1.7 billion surplus cash on hand within a year is obviously not stagnating. When you also consider their increasing revenue and their addition of leading tech execs to their team, it's hard not to see that this business has a bright future. There are plenty of popular stocks that will remain overvalued far longer than this one. TSLA is trading as if they've already perfectly implemented their next 20 years of projected (optimal) growth, for example, and people are still bullish on it. If GME is a meme stock and trading on name alone, so are most of the top "normal" tickers - they're all valued at what people hope the companies will one day really be worth, not just their current revenue and EPS.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 06:33:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They covered. SEC has it right there. Short interest went from 100% to 10%. Shorting GME is good business move right now. 40% lost in a week! Expected to tank even more with this crappy Earnings.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:29:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
The way he put it will make it so that he is indeed, brain dead. The reality of this whole situation is much more complex, with innumerable layers. It is ok if you think "the shorts have closed" or that the "SI is only 15%". A bunch of people have tried convincing so many folks that this is all a scam and that the stock is a lot more shorted than it was in January. That the shorts would have been destroyed if they tried to cover their $4 to $10 shorts. I also agree that the company's performance has NOTHING to do with the share price. Why would it? GS can cure cancer and GME will remain shorted by those who have no other option. RC has to be the one to force close the naked shorts (which should not be a problem if there are no naked shorts to begin with). So yes, technically, all the $69 million a share is possible if the retail claims of owning well over the float is true. Reality is much different and there are a lot of nuances to this situation. Crime the likes to which has never been seen. And time is ticking away for RC to pull the trigger....
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:27:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I do smoke some weed, yes very perceptive of you. What's wrong with a 5 to 20 year hold? You don't have stocks you want to hold for life? >wtf are you even saying right now I'm saying to invest in GME with the mindset of investing and holding for 5 to 20 or even more, just like investing and holding Microsoft or Apple 40 years ago would make you a millionaire.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 05:36:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
As a holder of BGFV and GME it's always funny to me how the bear talk about them is the exact opposite. BGFV has a massive P/E and it paid a 10%+ dividend this year while growing cash reserves, but people use its low valuation/lack of explosive growth plan to say it's not worth anything. GME isn't that great of a deal fundamentally but has the potential to really do well in the future and people use that, too, to say its overvalued. ​ Not saying you're guilty of this doublespeak but it is just funny how the market reacts to things. Meanwhile Uber is still valued at like 100 billion with like 10 billion in debt...
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 23:56:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Problem with NFTs are the costs when they are traded but that problem is supposedly solved with Loopring and GME is a partner supposedly
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 23:51:25 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
>Amazon, Google and other tech giant people wouldn't be leaving their comfortable high paying jobs to work for dying brick and mortar company. Those companies employ millions and millions of people. A dozen leaving is not a statistical trend lol Someone was bragging about the head of Amazon Australia being a big grab for GME... Head of operations in a country with less than 1/10 the population of the US, and not involved with AWS at all. He would have been what, 100th in line at Amazon for succession?
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 22:43:24 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I have, >Figure 6 shows that the run-up in GME stock price coincided with buying by those with short positions. However, it also shows that such buying was a small fraction of overall buy volume, and that GME share prices continued to be high after the direct effects of covering short positions would have waned. The underlying motivation of such buy volume cannot be determined; perhaps it was motivated by the desire to maintain a short squeeze. Whether driven by a desire to squeeze short sellers and thus to profit from the resultant rise in price, or belief in fundamentals of GameStop, it was the positive sentiment, not the buying-to-cover, that sustained the weeks-long price appreciation of GameStop stock. Also, >Another possible explanation (drastic rise in price) could be a "gamma squeeze", which occurs when market makers purchase stock to hedge the risk associated with writing call options on that stock, in turn putting further upward pressure on the underlying stock price. As noted above, though, staff did not find evidence of a gamma squeeze in GME during January 2021. One of the main drivers of a gamma squeeze is an influx of call options purchases, which causes market makers to hedge their writing of the call options by purchasing the underlying stock, driving up the stock price in the process... Further, data show that market-makers were buying, rather than writing, call options. These observations by themselves are not consistent with a gamma squeeze.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:31:45 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I believe those shorts have been covered but new ones came out in the meantime, I think GME is still heavily shorted. My broker (Trading 212) has a mandatory share lending program (they lend your shares and keep the profits) but at least they tell you how many of them are lent out. Most of my tickers are between 0% and 6%, while as of Dec 8 GME is 91% lent out. I know, I know, that means nothing but it's enough for me to keep holding a little longer.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:43:03 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
If you studied stocks you would realize how ridiculous you sound by acting like this one stock could make you a millionaire because of NFTs, lol. ​ For example, do you realize if I invested $1k in Chewy when it was made available, I would only be up $1k now, not "millions." Why aren't all of the investors with decades of experience just buying $1k of GME and quitting their jobs? ​ p.s. Chewy is a sucky stock. You would have made way more money investing in AMD vs Chewy. ​ Everyone on stocks. NFTs related to video games + RC (CEO of boring sucky Chewy stock that pales in comparison to NVDA) are going to make us millions. Let us all cash out all our stocks and simply invest $1k into GME! Their crappy earnings report + a year and not a word from them is proof!
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 05:18:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
It’s even worse than that, GME holders are speculating Gamestop is going to issue an NFT dividend, which will trigger the short squeeze these idiots are betting their life savings on. It’s insanity.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 04:50:45 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Gotcha! I was out to dinner with my kids and some of their BFs. The topic came up and I was negative GME and I was surprised how they all rallied against me. I just let it go. It was a nice dinner and not worth it. But I did find it really interesting. My kids also had not shown much interest into investing until very recently.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:51:50 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I don't believe in the short squeeze. I own a small % in GME in hopes they become a leader in NFT markets and crypto gaming.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 23:54:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Two things can be true at once. GME can be making moves for the future and there can still be a considerable short position to be squeezed out as sentiment becomes more bullish. Missing earnings by a fair amount is concerning, but when you get into the weeds of it, they’re spending a lot to build something. Whether it works out is speculation. But isn’t that with pretty much every company on the stock market?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:04:02 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I think OP is saying that he doesn't care about the EPS miss because he's confident that Q4/Q1 are going to be really strong because GME has inventory going into their (historically) busy season.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:12:18 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
> Figure 6 shows that the run-up in GME stock price coincided with buying by those with short positions. However, it also shows that such buying was a small fraction of overall buy volume, and that GME share prices continued to be high after the direct effects of covering short positions would have waned. Basically what I said. Those with short positions bought which created a run-up in share price. But since the float was traded many times over in that time period, short covering was not the sole reason the price went up so much. It was also retail FOMO.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 03:22:17 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
It's like fantasy football managers who have a clear bust pick but spend the whole year jumping through hoops trying to convince themselves and others there's still value to be had while they put up stinker after stinker The main difference being the majority of people put up a couple hundred max on fantasy, whereas people here invested their entire retirement into GME at $250 and are constantly ODing on copium to justify it
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 05:21:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
That's fair, many tech do trade at crazy valuations. I haven't seen much why GME should be treated more like Tech than Best Buy or Walmart, but there is a lot of hopes for them to move more that way.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 23:07:39 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I'm not a contrarian who refuses to believe what I see. Saying you're working on NFTs & Blockchain is cool, but they don't have anything yet. Doing things in tech doesn't make you "tech company" either. There are so many people on YT & TikTok suggesting anyone can go on Fiver and build NFTs for less than $1k total. We saw a 12 year old kick off the Weird Whales. It would frankly be depressing if GME couldn't figure out how to hire some random people to create NFTs for them, much less doing it on their own. Can you clearly articulate to me what GME is doing that is special in this space? Where is their moat?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:05:12 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I am an idiot because I don't think investing $1k into a silly video game stock with a terrible earnings report is going to make me a millionaire? Why aren't Warren Buffet, etc. all cashing out their portfolios and going all in on GME? Oh I know, its because you know way more about stocks than Warren Buffet and other billionaires. ​ The NFTs associated with stupid video games are going to revolutionize the planet, making GME the most valuable stock in the world. Everyone, sell all your belongings and buy GME! ​ You are kind of cranky, calling me an idiot, for someone who is going to be a millionaire any day now.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 05:44:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They can but it's not enough to justify the current GME stock price at all.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:30:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
> Saying you're working on NFTs & Blockchain is cool, but they don't have anything yet. They literally only just started hiring a few months ago and you're expecting a finished product already? > There are so many people on YT & TikTok suggesting anyone can go on Fiver and build NFTs for less than $1k total. We saw a 12 year old kick off the Weird Whales. So you have no idea what they're doing, all you've heard so far is "NFT" and let the shit talking commence? > It would frankly be depressing if GME couldn't figure out how to hire some random people to create NFTs for them, much less doing it on their own. The "random people" are well known for their previous work. Definitely just shit talking. > Can you clearly articulate to me what GME is doing that is special in this space? Where is their moat? No, it's obvious at this point that you're not interested in learning, just here to shit on anything and everything GME does to be a contrarian. For anyone reading this that's actually interested, they are keeping their chips close to their chest but the rumors so far, given their partnership with Loopring, is a type of marketplace. That could range from in-game items that already are bought and sold via fiat but with several steps along the way to a financial marketplace that would replace NYSE as a more transparent alternative for exchanging stock. This part is unknown, but either of those two would be game changing. I still remember buying and selling gold and rare items on Runescape for physical cash via sketchy forums. An NFT marketplace would be a game changer for MMORPGs and rare in game items, and the possibilities beyond what I can guess are endless.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 00:32:11 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
> It would frankly be depressing if GME couldn't figure out how to hire some random people to create NFTs for them, much less doing it on their own. The idea is that they're not making NFTs, they're going to provide a platform for the mentioned plucky 12 year olds to do so. Directly competing with OpenSea. Opensea is valued at roughly 10billion. If they added an equivalently valued NFT marketplace to the company that would 2x the company. Depending on timeline of launch/adoption, that's a lot of growth if it happens fast.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:13:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
He didnt say GME was special in that.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 04:51:46 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I agree. I’d love hearing a reasonable take on why Gamestop could successfully branch into digital. Almost every gamer complains about the amount of launchers we have to install. Why would we willingly split our game libraries? Steam already has 99% of my collection. Steam also has deep sales every month, so it’s not like the convenience is worth the marginal amount you’d save. Opinions I’ve read so far of GME having success in digital retail seem so out of touch to me. They don’t seem to come from the perspective of someone actually playing and buying digital games. Installing more launchers and storefronts is the last thing any PC gamer would want, and I doubt companies would entertain competition on their consoles.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 08:19:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
>Steam is THE ecosystem for PC gaming ​ So couldnt steam implement this and just cut off GME completely from the market?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 09:44:15 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
GME have posted their results while revenue is higher than expected, losses are higher than expected. Maybe I'm opening a can of worms, but what's the endgame for GME? With more and more digital games and less physical games, at least as a percentage of the market, how can they expect to stay afloat? TLDR; Convince me that GME will be profitable in 3 years.
NYSE:GME DATE : Wed Dec 8 22:01:43 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
They buddies with the GME cultists?
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 02:58:59 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Just be careful that some big actors (AP's) will attack small companies. Small companies are more often attacked than large ones. Examples: SNAP, DOCU, GME of course. FVRR as well. I'm scared of small companies now, b/c I don't know which ever way they're gonna go. Meanwhile, large companies (if you select smartly) and QQQ obviously only go up : )
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 22:27:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
why are you gatekeeping something like this? the "i'm older i know better" argument is why those dipshits lost so much on GME. you'd think you might take that as an example that maybe you're the one that doesn't know what they're talking about. Or if you're very reasonable, you'd realize life isn't black and white and that just magically trading for X amount of time doesn't just make you "a good trader".
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 09:46:35 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Man I started in 2016. I remember the Christmas crash of '18, the covid crash and bounce back in '20. I kind of assumed everyone has been doing this at least as long as I have, which is not long at all. But judging on people freaking out over a 1% pullback that send "markets tumbling", it began to dawn on me that that was not the case. So many new people after the GME fiasco or ... rhymes with schlypto asking the dumbest questions I swear.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 15:43:31 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I hold a basket of puts, and GME.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 02:39:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Well I don't follow AMC so I don't know whatever happened in March, but from the same website I linked, the max FTD in early march was 2,853,150 million on 3/5, 2,392,366 on 3/8, and 483,175 on 3/9. The trading volumes on 3/8 and 3/9 were 114.3 and 150.4 million, respectively. Considering the shares delivered on those days were 0.4% and 1.2%, of the daily trading volume, I'd say they probably were. I'm not an AMC or anti-AMC person (I still have GME from January), but your statement of 1.2 BILLION shares FTD is just amazingly outrageous.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 05:54:45 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Why doesn’t the short seller volume add up? Looks like it Adds up to me.. Also figure 5 shows the short interest plummet and end of Jan into Feb, the shorts closed their positions, at billions of losses, Melvin got bailed out for example >”staff observed that during some discrete periods, GME had sharp price increases concurrently with known major short sellers covering their short positions after incurring significant losses. During these times, short sellers covering their positions likely contributed to increases in GME’s price.” People who indulge in GME conspiracy subs conveniently ignore this section and only focus on the parts which say retail buying mostly caused the price increases, which as I said, is not mutually exclusive It does suck for them that the buy button was turned off… if you’re OK or think it’s illegal whatever it’s irrelevant- it doesn’t change the fact that shorts covered though
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 19:31:53 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
The shoeshine boy tale is irrelevant today because of the internet, social media, online trading and memes. Idiots have access to all of the worlds information while taking a dump. That wasn’t the case a hundred years ago. Most people that got in during the GME hype are probably failing YTD and quit or bagholding garbage. The rest have tiny portfolios that are irrelevant.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 11:10:33 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
You have a link? Woh... that blows my mind as well but is not unexpected... Yes, wouldn't be suprised... if your app says buying power $100k, even if you only paid in $15k... well, they might not even have noticed and just punched in the max number of shares that under margin can be purchased... "You can buy 1000 shares GME, swipe here to confirm" --> it is really gamified ATM.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 15:30:47 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
I held my GME until old people at work started talking about it. Sold Jan 27th.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 17:05:23 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
And try using leverage with GME 😂.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 16:46:09 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Robinhoods UI is an A+ in like every way. They really fucked themselves with the GME stuff.
NYSE:GME DATE : Tue Dec 7 15:31:36 2021 SUBREDDIT : stocks
Can't wait to see the loss porn here on chwy puts when it goes up 5% after hours. It's the first time you've all bought puts together. It will explode just like all the other group plays prior. (post GME.)
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 12:02:55 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
Sorry boys. Sorry that I don’t belong in your gamestonk cult, where you sacrifice virgin xboxs and playstations. Sorry that I don’t believe it will hit 30k per share. Finally sorry for saying this but GME puts is and will be the way even since it hit 325.
NYSE:GME DATE : Thu Dec 9 11:23:27 2021 SUBREDDIT : wallstreetbets
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2021.12.09 10:04 the69boywholived69 Racist YouTube admins.

YouTube banned me for calling a bot, a freaking bot, retarded. Not even a bad word. They banned me because I'm a person of colour. They have a whole circle of racists there as admins. And they try to gaslight me. There's no law to bring these racists to justice on reddit.
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2021.12.09 10:04 ADustedEwok I always think I've heard the Succession theme elsewhere. The mood is eerily similar to Ständchen (From Schwanengesang, D957)

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2021.12.09 10:04 msgs Belarus manufactured a new migrant crisis for revenge and profit [10:18]

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