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Big zuu - Navigate OUT NOW

2021.10.26 07:51 Keyfatal Big zuu - Navigate OUT NOW

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2021.10.26 07:51 Critical_Number_8088 🔥MagicDOGE Launching Now⭐️ 10% Rewards with ANY token you want! ⭐️ Liquidity locked 3 years ⭐️ Doxxed Team ⭐️ Audited CA

💰 MagicDOGE gives Rewards with ANY token you want with each transaction!
⭐️ Endorsed by celebrities from around the world, MagicDOGE is here to set the BSC space on fire! MagicDOGE is a new crypto token with an unheard tokenomics that will grant up to 10% rewards with any token of your choice that you can change to anything you want anytime!
🛒 MagicDOGE is a state of the art cryptocurrency that unifies all major eCommerce platforms, allowing consumers to enjoy online shopping seamlessly, securely, and cost-effectively. It serves as the bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the physical world to satisfy consumers who previously couldn’t shop while using their digital assets. With the technology infrastructure offered by our shop website Use MagicDOGE to purchase thousands of popular products from any country and have them ship to your doorstep anywhere in the world with the cheapest prices in the market, such as Electronics, Fashion, Home & Garden, Toys & Sports, Automobiles and More..
💵 On every transaction, MagicDOGE rewards its holders with any token of their choice that they can change it anytime to anything from Dashboard
Buy 7%
🤑 3% Rewards to holders with any token of your choice! You can change it anytime from Dashboard.
✔️ 2% Auto-Liquidity
⭐️ 2% Marketing
Sell 7%
🤑 2% Rewards to holders with any token of your choice! You can change it anytime from Dashboard.
✔️ 1% Auto-Liquidity
⭐️ 4% Marketing
🔐The trading in PancakeSwap will start in 1H and the liquidity is locked automatically for more than 3 year. The contract audited by Solidproof.
For additional information about the project please contact team via:
🌈 Contract: 0x7f31f086a203c0c7538034827482674b5b4099e4
🌈Buy Here:
🌈LP Locked 2 YEAR :
🌈Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.26 07:51 HappyTripper88 Weed in Varna

Does someone know a good Plug for Weed or Hash here?
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2021.10.26 07:51 sh1ngaru [repost because i didnt attach the image correctly]

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2021.10.26 07:51 MelanieIsaGold Top 50 UK 2021 - Today's Top Hits - UK Top 50 - Top Hits UK - Viral 50 UK - UK Viral 50

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2021.10.26 07:51 dummydummy123456 s

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2021.10.26 07:51 aeroxy 好图分享

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2021.10.26 07:51 ZaphodBrox42 Leeds vs Wolves, Player Ratings

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2021.10.26 07:51 shreek07 Awesome witcher 3 music I would love to see in the game

With SY lost track containing some fine specimen from the witcher 3 OST, I thought I would propose 6 more of my favourites that can be added to Gwent. This list excludes the Gwent tracks because they are kinda obvious picks.

  1. Aen Seidhe for ST:
  2. Emhyr Var Emreis for NG:
  3. Silver for Monsters for MO:
  4. Hajlmar's axe for SK:
  5. The Bits for SY:
  6. Assassin of kings theme for NR:
What tracks would you like to see?
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2021.10.26 07:51 Soggy_Document_2613 SHIBA BLACK 🐶 | Boost!| Stealth Launched 10 Minutes | LP Locked | 🔥 Small MC | Marketing More Later Today! | Coinsniper First Page! | 10+ Hodlers

🟢 At the start of the plans are to grow a very strong and stable community through the use of Telegram and Reddit. Some paid promotion is in the works and hopefully the community can also band together to help the token out!
🔴 For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.
🔴 During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.
🔴 During we will start development on tools to help flag risky tokens. Also potentially scan contracts that do not comply to best practices. This comes with the beta launch of the Exchange Platform!
💵4% Tax on every transaction
🔁 2% SHIBABLACK redistribution
📰 2% to Marketing
20K (Coinsniper Frist Page Boost, Gemhunter First Page Boost , CoinHunt Application) 🟢
25K (1 CMS Post Per Hour + 1 Random Hot Trend CMS) 🟢
30K (Twitter Influence on our road - Messiah!) 🟢
100K (Application & Listing on CoinGecko) 🟢
150K (Dextools top 3 Trend) 🟢
200K (Poocoin ADS) 🟢
250K (Application & Listing on CoinMarketCap) 🟢
🌐 Official Links
🐕Contract: 0x25205e6f9ddbd060ecad12c101ac0068afd1776f
🐕Pancakeswap :
🐕Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.26 07:51 LenaRayburn 5 lessons from business that can make parenting easier

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2021.10.26 07:51 Beginning_Version954 🦑🎲 SquidEth Fairlaunch 26 October 07 PM UTC, Jackpot system for holders restarted in every 24h everyday. 5 winners the rewarded with the prize money will be distributed equally !

Welcome to Squid Ethereum
"Red Candle Green Candle" Will you survive and hold strong or sell in the red? Only the best traders will survive! In honor to the hyped Squidgames series and the rising Ethereum, we created Squid ethereum to get the best of both worlds.
$ETH will be distributed as the rewards in this project. Following the current hype, $ETH just mooning because $BTC just reach a new ATH. So we want to follow the hype train in this BSC Network !
Squid Ethereum has a Jackpot system for the diamond holders and it restarted in every 24h everyday. There will be 5 winners that will be rewarded with the prize money and it will be distributed equally !
Auto-burn also inserted in the project because we want to support the project to reach $0.001 faster . One of the goals also to create a safespace for both communities to get in touch and talk and discuss about Ethereum and Squid Game.
Our project differs from the rest because it has a passionate Singapore Team that profesionally strive to develop a safety environment and also surrounding the token with massive promos.
Tokenomics Distribution
🌟 Supply : 58,000,000
💥 Airdrop : 5,800,000
✍ Marketing : 2,900,000
👤 Dev : 580,000
💰Pancakeswap : 48,720,000
Fee Transaction
❇️ RewardsFee : 5 %
❇️ MarketingFee : 5%
❇️ BurnFee : 2%
❇️ LiquidityFee : 2%
❇️ JackpotFee : 1%
❇️ ExtraSellFee : 3%
🐬 Anti-whale
☀️ Max wallet: 5%
☀️ Max sell : 2%
👉 Socials
💬 Telegram Group :
🌐 Website :
🌐 Dashboard :
🐦 Twitter:
🛰️Telegram Channel :
📰 Gitbook :
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2021.10.26 07:51 Traditional-Range-85 ........ Btw köp merch

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2021.10.26 07:51 DADDY_ZONE My self cum phirom Beelege area .

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2021.10.26 07:51 Georg68 Problems on XBoxX

I have problems playing quake on XBoxX. The forward motion often gets 'stuck' and I must use reverse direction as a brake. Very uncomfortable. Another problem with menu - the navigation is so quick that I always end on first or last item. Getting into options item (the last but one) almost impossible.
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2021.10.26 07:51 happydottybeard Five areas for Swachh Bharat 2.0 to focus on

Decentralise, don’t recentralise 01 focus on segregation and recycling, rather than on waste collection and transportation
02 5Rs (and not 3): refuse (meaning creating awareness amongst consumers to refuse to pay for products that have overly large packaging), reuse, recycle, recover and reduce. And addressing the most critical ‘R’ – Responsibility: that the generator, be it households, markets, or companies, are responsible and accountable to deal with their own waste. 03 transform the ‘lift and dispose’ system by aiming for zero waste communities where all organic waste is composted with only the inorganic collected and recycled.
04 acknowledge the contribution of mahanayaks—the waste pickers who constitute an important part of solid waste management in Indian cities, support and improve local practices, and not just incentivise mechanisation.
05 avoid outdated and obsolete waste management techniques, use the right technology instead of a ‘quick-fix’ solution like solid waste incineration.
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2021.10.26 07:51 BitcoinGazete Ethereum Fiyat Analizi: ETH, ATH'yi Bir Kez Daha Yıkmaya Hazır

Ethereum, birkaç gündür direncin altında konsolide olduğu için tüm zamanların en yüksek seviyesinden bir atış daha yapmaya hazır görünüyor.
Temel Destek seviyesi: 4.000 $ , 3.500 $
Anahtar Direnç seviyesi: 4,380 dolar
Ethereum (ETH) tüm zamanların en yüksek seviyesinin hemen altında konsolide
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2021.10.26 07:51 Unsuspicious_Dog Any forecasts?

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2021.10.26 07:51 KittenWolfFox Halp!!! Passed by this place a while ago is this illegal? If it is can I have some help from a pawyer shutting down the place?

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2021.10.26 07:51 OrganicHoneydew My psych wouldn't diagnose me. Should I just accept that I'm not, or should I get more opinions?

I have a lot of autistic traits, but she said the main reason she thought I wasn't autistic was because I was social as a child. The thing is, she only asked about elementary school, which I have very little memory of. I have memories of being picked on and struggling with socializing from middle school onward, and therefore developed crippling social anxiety. Then again, that could be from puberty. Should I seek more opinions from other professionals, or is one "no" enough to determine that I'm not autistic?
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2021.10.26 07:51 thrownawayinw I envy heterosexual Women.

Being bisexual feels like a curse to me. When I (24F) hear heterosexual women share their experiences of not feeling sexual attraction towards women I feel so jealous. Why couldn’t that be me?!
Even if I lead a fake “heterosexual” life i’m still going to be sexually attracted to women.
I just want to rewire my brain and become straight. All my efforts I’m still bi. Ugh I hate it here!
I feel so sad being around beautiful women because they have no idea I’m attracted to them. I feel like a fraud. I feel guilty and abnormal. I cringe at the thought of them finding out.
If you are a straight woman, you are sooo lucky ❤️ be grateful.
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2021.10.26 07:51 frozenmoses It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

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2021.10.26 07:50 cryptochartsbot Thoughts on $DOGE #DOGE! See RaoulHayes's idea on TradingView below. Trade it here:

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2021.10.26 07:50 amber-nights meal prepping 😍 breakfast, lunch, dinner and even desert 🤤 treating myself right 💅

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2021.10.26 07:50 LoL0L0L0L0L0L everything i found in the new concept mission

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