Talk About Content Creation- [ESL Adult Conversational Lesson]

2021.09.17 11:43 LessonSpeak Talk About Content Creation- [ESL Adult Conversational Lesson]

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2021.09.17 11:43 EnvoyExtraordinary ADAC SimRacing Expo | Freitag

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2021.09.17 11:43 PleasantAnywhere2383 Cassie borrowed Hanzo's bow! OW x Paladins part 2

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2021.09.17 11:43 Opposite_Science_193 Any improvements?

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2021.09.17 11:43 BFLO-Retail $BODY before and after a workout from WSB

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2021.09.17 11:43 troj4n-- Holup

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2021.09.17 11:43 RevolutionaryCake419 Idk which glasses fit the best. Here for advices (temporary post)

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2021.09.17 11:43 Fruislife19 Looks like it’s crashing hard... was this expected?

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2021.09.17 11:43 Mockaz White noise for sleep, calm, study - 2hrs Marbella water fountain screensaver for focus & relaxation

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2021.09.17 11:43 PTHero Hololive Production members MILESTONE WATCH (SEPTEMBER 17, 2021)

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2021.09.17 11:43 MeinNameIstGerd Ein Obstsalat genau nach meinem Geschmack.

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2021.09.17 11:43 clorriman Mesprit raid 5132 5983 8747

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2021.09.17 11:43 WakandaNewbie Elime Musk employs Poolboys S&R to fix his yacht

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2021.09.17 11:43 These_Cartographer99 Prismatic Jelly Quesst

I know it has been posted before, but i absolutely HATE this quest, it takes the joy away for me.
"Why dont you just drop the quest" because i see it as a challenge but this is my second time of the quest, spamming every floor that has a 5 in it and reset and yet, no Prismatic Slime like it's SO frustrating and it also gives good gold idek
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2021.09.17 11:43 janith_Hennayaka .

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2021.09.17 11:42 goodomens97 Love a good wood walk

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2021.09.17 11:42 reddit_fridge31 Quả Gì, Cả Nhà Thương Nhau - Nhạc Thiếu Nhi Vui Nhộn Hay Nhất

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2021.09.17 11:42 Snoo_80033 I Am An Unwilling Participant in this Circus

My lockdown experience has been a fucking absolute S H I T S H O W like bruh. At the start of lockdown in March 2020, literally 3 days before lockdown was put in place my mom served divorce papers to my absolute disgrace of a father - something I knew was coming before she did tbh since my dad is a narcissist, alcoholic, cheater and a chronic liar.
Its honestly so fucked that I had carry shit to his car when he left the house in under a week after my mom served papers - he even refused to do any kind of counselling or to try having any kind of conversation about their marriage. I believe him leaving so easily is further evidence of him being unfaithful, as a while prior i found that he had been visiting dating websites and was actively using them (something i never told my mother about because how the fuck do i tell her that).
My father being out of the house has been amazing for my mental health but i still felt some obligation to see him (but as few visits as possible). This entire experience goes to show how little he knows about me at all, not that it surprises me at all as he used a paste mix that contained something i am severely allergic to and has almost done this several times beforehand.
Now rolls around January where I woke up with a severe headache literally out of nowhere and it still remains almost 9 fucking months later. My family doctor is somewhat treating me like the "hysterical woman" patient - after it was confirmed that i dont have brain tumors (wooo) he's been dismissive, even prescribing me antidepressants that have no effect on neuropathic pain. All of this leading to me losing my job since i cant even walk 100 feet without it feeling like im about to pass out from dizziness.
To complete the circus my father and i met for a very neutral and uneventful lunch where he told me about his new girlfriend, and 4 days after he texts me saying that they were now ENGAGED. SHEESH. This entire thing is him just trying to lock down an innocent women to use as a caretaker and verbal punching bag like who the fuck gets married under a year after meeting after THREE not one but THREE other failed marriages (the other two of his ex wives are dead and i only found out about them in the last year), never mind proposing not even two years into your new divorce. The shit my mom has had to endure is horseshit and seeing this bullshit stressed her out enough to send her to the hospital for a week due to a condition she has that flares up with stress (shes ok now though!).
So now i sit here thinking about how to deal with this, there's a large portion of me that wants to take "traumatize your parents back" to heart and do something to pay back the years of bullshit ive had to deal with. Me speaking up about any of this will come to a huge shock to him since i don't normally post anything online or really speak to any of my relatives. Plus he genuinely has no idea the kind of shit i say normally or what i think about at all since i barely talk to him. He has everything to lose and i have absolutely nothing he can take from me anymore.
Thanks for reading LOL, it feels better to have this in one spot (also im not really going to edit this so im sorry if anything reads weird im sorry)
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2021.09.17 11:42 gyurcsany_viktor Február végéig is érvényesek lehetnek a régi diákigazolványok, ha meghosszabbítják a veszélyhelyzetet

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2021.09.17 11:42 teridot First stencil! So many small mistakes but I love how it turned out!

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2021.09.17 11:42 welshlondoner Advent Calendar

My partner paints and plays, I know very little.
I wondered if a physical advent calendar is usually produced. If not please could you advise me on how I could go about making one, what should I buy?
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2021.09.17 11:42 hQx7o7omMbZcBKLmG3bc 「だからムダな会議がちっとも減らない」日本企業に決定的に欠けている"ある概念"労働生産性が上がらない根本原因 澤 円圓窓 代表取締役

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2021.09.17 11:42 jwarren95 H: plans w: caps

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2021.09.17 11:42 arielily_ i need help

lately it feels like God isn't around anymore. there's also these thoughts that keep saying things that you aren't supposed to say and i can't control it. im also trying to be the best i can e.g. being humble, patient, non-judgmental, all that, but i can't. i don't know if im doing anything wrong either. there's just so much going on inside my head and i have no one to talk to about it. it has gone to the point where i question my existence and think about suicide.
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2021.09.17 11:42 sg_student [O LEVELS] Some SS notes

hello!! i took my Os in 2019 and had made some SS notes that helped me get an A1 in the end. these notes help to break down the chapters as well as include easy to apply examples! notes an be found here:)
all the best guys!! you got this :)
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