Priorities for millions of Canadians with disabilities 'left out' of election campaign, say advocates

2021.09.17 11:13 yyzworker Priorities for millions of Canadians with disabilities 'left out' of election campaign, say advocates

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2021.09.17 11:13 H25azbxwyz Canned fried apples — a favorite among Aldi fans — are here to make fall baking easier

(Source: TODAY )
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There's an a-peel-ing product appearing on Aldi shelves — aside from the canned potatoes, of course — and fans of the grocery chain are finding lots of creative ways to use it.
Aldi's canned fried apples with cinnamon are a seasonal item that hits stores each year for the fall season. And, at just $1.29 per 14.5-ounce can, Aldi shoppers are adding the sweet ingredient to everything from apple crisps to pork recipes.
In The Aldi Nerd Facebook group, one member recently announced, "Cinnamon fried apples are back! I bought four cans and might need more."
And since the product returned to stores on Sept. 8, several members of the Aldi fan group have shared their own creations made using the canned fried apples.
Some creative group members use other Aldi items like canned cinnamon rolls or boxed apple cinnamon muffin mix to create mouthwatering baked goods.
"Aldi cinnamon rolls and the canned fried apples = pie on a Tuesday" wrote one user, who shared photos of a beautiful apple pie created with canned cinnamon rolls and the sweet apple filling.
Others have shared ideas for using the canned apples as a topping for pork chops or a sweet breakfast treat served over yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
In the comment section of a post from earlier this year asking for suggestions on what to do with the apples, group members gave more than 70 suggestions for the seemingly versatile pantry item.
"Eat them as a side with pintos, mashed potatoes and cornbread" said one commenter.
"I had them over ice cream" said another.
Another group member suggested a simple slow-cooker meal: "Pork tenderloin, a can of fried apples and a bottle of in a crockpot" they shared. "Super easy yummy meal."
On another post about the canned apples, members said they made apple dumplings, dump cake and cobbler, and topped waffles, pancakes and French toast with them.
Since the apples are a seasonal item, (...)
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.09.17 11:13 roba2686 You're not them

You see a friend, relative, or whoever crush it with their diet, training, career, or whatever.
So, you give it a shot.
It doesn't work and you feel like a failure.
What worked for them may not work for you.
You've got your own needs, preferences, and goals.
You're not them.
You've got this.
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2021.09.17 11:13 user_for_69_minutes- I was waiting for this moment

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2021.09.17 11:13 dionesav Which of these would have changed the course of tennis history to greatest extent if they were more consistent/not plagued by injuries?

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2021.09.17 11:13 kryp_arnold dragon death effect

how can i skip ender dragon death effect?
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2021.09.17 11:13 cactuspizza You wake up in bed at night and hear a criminal breaking into your home. You own a firearm. What do you do?

You are woken up by a single intruder breaking into the room next you you.
You live alone in the US.
It is a weekday at 3:00 AM.
The intruder doesn’t know you are home and aware of their presence.
You grab your loaded firearm that’s within arm’s reach.
You don’t know anyone within 500 miles of your home.
Purely hypothetical.
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2021.09.17 11:13 iamzues7 Unpopular opinion, Papa Pewds should react to internet Ajay on stream

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2021.09.17 11:13 hhyyerr Finally able to travel to Paris and the Arch de Triumph looks like this. It's an "art" project

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2021.09.17 11:13 RevolutionaryBasket7 The Rise and Fall of Kings and Queens

The Fall and Rise of Kings and Queens
The screaming symphony of metal echoed throughout the throne room as blades ricocheted off each other with a relentless fury. Wielders sharing a mutual glare and snarl off wrath. The pair already had blood on their clothes. Constantly healing wounds as their bodies struggled to maintain the blood pumping through their veins.
Stathnal was far smaller than his opponent, his traitor. Having to create bounding leaps with each of his attacks, or attempting to cut away at his legs. Meanwhile, the traitorous devil would clobber him over the head and attempt to cut it off head like he’d done for thousands of years to others. He used to be Stathnal and the Queen’s personal executioner. Listening to their every whim, and killing without question. Now, all that remained of the queen was her lifeless body. Severed in half by a single swipe of the traitor’s axe without an ounce of hesitation. Upon witnessing it, Stathnal felt a volition mixture of distraught, red hot rage, and despondency. All that was left now as the tears in his eyes had all but dried up was only one burning thought on his mind.
Stathnal parried a heavy blow and stepped out of the way of as the gnarled axe blade came crashing down. His rapier stabbed into the traitor’s side, and twisted it. A loud roar of agony bellowed from his foe and Stathnal grinned manically. Laughing until he was bashed in the side of the head with a gauntleted fist. Forcing the rapier from hand and onto the ground alongside him. Although, before the traitor could land his next swing, the weapon had been wedged into the floor from a previous overhead attack. Its wielder struggling to remove it.
Stathnal gripped his rapier by the handle and rushed his demonic goliath-sized opponent. Leaping into the air and thrusting the sharp metal threw his throat just as the axe become free. As he clutched at his throat to remove Stathnal’s blade, Stathnal summoned all the might he had and lifted the axe into his arms. He gritted his teeth and he put all of his strength into his attack to send it flying through the air. Slamming down and into the traitor’s face where it became buried. Sending the demonic beast of a creature to the floor. Yet, despite it all, heavy breaths were leaving his chest, while he scratched at the axe’s blade, trying to remove it fruitlessly.
“Satan Azurath,” Stathnal breathed deeply with a twisted smirk of malice, “as Her Majesty’s Hand and now your rightful king, I hereby sentence you to death-!”
Stathnal reached onto his belt and pulled out a long, curved dagger. Pressing it to the traitorous devil’s throat firmly before slashing at it hard. Sending blood splattering floor. He stabbed at until the body had turned limp, and thick, warm red liquid oozed from its lips. Stathnal’s own face speckled with it. The wound across its face left from the axe blade was deep and almost down to the bone. It created an overwhelming satisfaction for Stathnal. Bringing forth a sadistic smile that quickly turned turned into wide eyes of surprise and gasping breaths as a hand wrapped around his throat at blinding speed. The despicable traitor squeezing the life out of him with the last of his energy. Stathnal’s own screams of torturous pain bouncing around his skull as he felt the skin of his neck starting to stretch. Bones cracking and flesh tearing until his head was ripped from his shoulders and crushed under a cloven hoof. Its insides coating the floor like sludge.
She walked the corridors and glanced over the many portraits of Hell’s rulers. The Deadly Sin of Pride never fully gave them any notice, but after curiosity had gotten the better of her seeing the King shudder at his own painting, she needed a closer look. Many of them were regal, but even more were cruel. Tyrannical and giving demons the cursed repulsion among humans. The Deadly Sin of Pride saw that one of the portraits had been torn from the wall entirely. Burnt and any trace left of her presence removed. She’d read of the things the prior queen and her right man had done. Killing for fun and torturing anyone who played on their paranoia. Hundreds had tried to remove her, and all of them failed at the hands of her Hand, or to their executioner. Now, in its place was the most recent of Hell’s rulers. A large demon with skin like darkened ash was on the canvas. His stoic, yet somehow simultaneously somber expression laying under a large and deep wound-like scar brutally edged into his face. Beside him, a petite pale white demoness that barely scraped his shoulder. Her face’s delicate features far warmer than the person beside her. Arm-in-arm with him.
The Deadly Sin of Pride’s eyes slowly dropped from the canvas and down to the wooden frame it held. Her parents names carved into it, and the same shudder her father had running up and down her spine after reading the rise and fall of his predecessor.
If you got this far, thank you for reading my story. I have more stories at Revolutionary_Writes if you’re interested in more.
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2021.09.17 11:13 Hellcaster007 it do be like that

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2021.09.17 11:13 Philks_85 How has Nicholas Cage managed to work so much over the past 40 years keeping a constant stream of movies out each year?

Whatever you think about him and his acting your can't deny he has some iconic movies and some down right dreadful stuff. Either way he has worked constantly for the last almost forty years if you go from his IMDB page. He is smashing out on average 2.6 movies a year Iover that time. Since 2015 onwards he's racking up to four movies releases per year!!!!
How can he physically get all these movies done and out, this doesn't include any directing he may have also done. Provided the link for you curiosity.
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2021.09.17 11:13 DeathPsych187 Ninyuette, The Demon in my Dreams

Well, I guess there isn't any other way to start this without dropping you right into the mix. It all starts with my fiance and I, along with an old friend, driving on the highway heading to this small town about 25 miles out. We're nearing the entrance to the town when we notice this new mechanic shop. I decided it'd be a good idea to check them out, so I did. We pull in and the place is half decent. I call over the mechanic and we begin talking about the issues I'm having with my car. He tells my fiance there's a waiting room with a/c and cable that she can go to, so she can get out of the heat. She obliged, and we continued on with our conversation until he told me to wait while he fixes my car. I go into the waiting room and it's freezing. The walls are a nicotine stained yellow, the florescent lights were dim, there's a television on the top left side of the room with a show airing that I paid no attention to, magazines on a stand adjacent to a worn down leather couch, and a woman sitting on a stool across from the couch. My fiance is sitting on the couch and she calls me over to sit with her (I don't know where our friend is) so I do. While I'm sitting there something begins telling me to pay attention to the woman across from us. At first glance you immediately know she's not human. Her hair is long, black, and very straight, with a part that is slightly off center. Her eyes, twice the size of what would be considered big. Her dark black irises took up 85% of here eyes. Not to mention the two small horns protruding from her forehead. Her abnormally wide grin, and somewhat frail looking figure. Her long skinny hands, slightly covering her grin as she scans aware the room and locks on to me. My fiance grabs my hand and tells me, "I think she likes me, but she doesn't belong here with us. Can you have her wait outside?". At that moment something clicked and I became slightly more aware. I look to her and ask, "Who are you and what are you doing here?" to which I get a response from the mechanic who suddenly appeared next to me saying, "She speaks no English. She understands, but she only speaks her native tongue.". I look to her and say, "I know you don't belong here. YOU NEED TO LEAVE!“. She points at me and my head begins to hurt like hell as she begins to speak a language I could hear but not comprehend (by this I mean she made sounds that humans can't replicate). The crazy part was that I was starting to be able to understand her (more telepathically than audibly). She tells me, "How do you see me? Do you understand me? You have this look on your face like you understand me. Very interesting. Nod if you understand what I'm saying." I nod. Her facial expression changes to anger, I look away and notice my fiance is gone. The mechanic, as if reading my mind, tells me," she said she was hungry so they left." Confused, I walk back outside to check the car and it's gone so I go back inside. Now it's just us two. I ask for her name and she giggles while still covering her mouth and says, "Ninyuette, now go." Something begins to feel extremely foreign and I look down, I'm now what I'd estimate to no less than a hundred feet above my vehicle driving down the highway, and I fall.. Everything happened so fast, I was above the car and then I was looking at the front left fender up close. I felt my body hit the car. Suddenly i fall again but this time from about 15 feet in the air, but I'm back at the mechanic shop. My friend runs out the shop yelling, "SHE TOOK HER! SHE TOOK HER!!" I bolt inside almost as if I teleport into the room and no one's there, not Ninyuette, not my fiance. I suddenly feel as if someone yanks me from behind and I'm ragdolling to the ground. I hit the floor and open my eyes to see my fiance lifelessly staring into my eyes with blood seeping down her cheek from her ear. I scream and see Ninyuette smiling as she says, "Wake up so I can really find you..." and I do.
This is a recurring dream that has made it nearly impossible to sleep through the night. I've had it so many times I'm beginning to think she's real. Have any of you seen her in a dream? Does the name ring a bell? Let me know your thoughts on what you might believe the dream means?
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2021.09.17 11:13 OkIndependence485 Sino-xenic Pronunciations of Chinese Characters (Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean)

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2021.09.17 11:13 kidd_Ares New rifel! :D (30 cli, semi auto)

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2021.09.17 11:13 garroshdidnothingbad Forcing stock items / weapons for competitive

Can we all just agree that switching items / weapons on the competitive scene of this wonderful valve game, makes the game harder to balance?
The items on competitive should only serve the purpose of making the player unique visually (cosmetic purposes only) rather than bringing different builds into the competitive scene and unbalancing the matches.
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2021.09.17 11:13 Maxcactus How Much Exercise Do We Need to Live Longer?

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2021.09.17 11:13 ianimeindian "Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life: Dai-2 no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita" - Teaser Visual! Animation Production by REVOROOT. The anime will air in 2022.

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2021.09.17 11:13 borteyurte Violet Grey Coupon Code Reddit

Here is the Violet Grey Coupon Code Reddit
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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2021.09.17 11:13 Stuerminger Any experience with Taxc Flux S and Fenix 6x?

Hi all, I am considering to purchase a Flux S for the winter indoor training. Of course Id like to use my beloved 6x Pro with the trainer. Does anybody have experience with the combination? Does the interaction work well? What can be done via the watch and what cant?
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2021.09.17 11:13 TrouBeeLiver Can anyone boost me?

Will boost you back ,, thanks!
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2021.09.17 11:13 1894Harold Ethereum (ETH) Supply Dynamics Tell An Interesting Story, Exchange Outflow Hits New Record
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2021.09.17 11:13 J_J_MARTIAN Does restarting main campaign get rid of iconic skins?

I kind of want to restart the campaign and play with the iconic skins but I don’t know if they get reset or not?
Im also debating if I should get Black Widow’s endgame outfit or the white outfit from Black Widow. Thoughts?
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2021.09.17 11:13 roba2686 You're not them

You see a friend, relative, or whoever crush it with their diet, training, career, or whatever.
So, you give it a shot.
It doesn't work and you feel like a failure.
What worked for them may not work for you.
You've got your own needs, preferences, and goals.
You're not them.
You've got this.
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2021.09.17 11:13 Donalbain0 Since we are sharing cats, here's my kittens Marbles and Ash 😍

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