Yeeted Moxxie

2021.09.17 11:52 MoreThanNormalRegret Yeeted Moxxie

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2021.09.17 11:52 auburn_moogle Water Vap

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2021.09.17 11:52 timmybrovado How old are you?

I’m curious to see the age range in this sub
View Poll
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2021.09.17 11:52 Blueskybelowme Selling Board Games

I have a few board games that I think might still be popular. I dont have people who come by to play anymore. Does anyone know of a good place to sell them or a good way to post listing. I love my games but I need the money more. baldur's gate house on haunted hill, a few of the original zombicide games and a few others. Advice would be appreciated.
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2021.09.17 11:52 Exaniv [A Levels] Anyone tried BMC Academy/have anything to say about it?

Since I need somewhere to practice Physics practicals anyway to fulfil the requirements of taking A levels as a private candidate, I was thinking of taking up the H2 Physics and Math classes there as well as opposed to taking up tuition privately as it makes everything cheaper overall, and I usually learn just by listening. There's also the benefit of having peers to compare my performance too. Anyone has experience there to comment on them?
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2021.09.17 11:52 Asexual_barbie_boy [NO SPOILERS] Life is Strange: True Colors Review: An Emotional Epic (PS5)

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2021.09.17 11:52 GreenSkies93 APT29: Reverse Engineering an LNK file

This is proving to be a frustrating lab...
I have analysed the original LNK file and picked up upon the Command Line Argument being run by that LNK file. Using PowerShell I decoded this with Base64 to retrieve another PowerShell script that makes reference to a set of Hex Offsets present in that ds7002.lnk file. I have tried to locate the section of Hex it references but I have had no luck. I have made use of FileAlyzer 2 and HxD but both record no data at those offsets and I have tried to use a section of the PowerShell code present in the first Base64 decrypted text.
I am not a fan of looking elsewhere but had to do in this case to find the 2nd stage code through links such as which provided the second stage PowerShell code. This provided the needed insight to answer Q2,3,4.
My first question: what technique am I missing to fetch the second stage code instead of having to rely on a previous analysis?
Then regarding Question 5 I am unsure about the What is the original filename of the malicious binary?. I am going to presume that this is hidden within the Second Stage code... and if that is the case it would be appreciated if anyone can help guide me with fetching the correct data.
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2021.09.17 11:52 No_Mathematician2029 (Rumour) Venom could be the 6th Villain in SNWH…Cause of End Credit Scene of Venom 2

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2021.09.17 11:52 shadDonut Please suggest some good shops to tailor a suit

Hi folks, i’m thinking to get myself a suit or a tux for wedding, I’m looking for some good shops where I can get a good piece. I neither have prior experience of buying suits in Hyderabad nor do I know where to buy them, I will be staying in Hyderabad for ten days, so any info on where can I get them would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.09.17 11:52 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-william-blake-31

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2021.09.17 11:52 SomeRandomguy_28 Hosting a Friendly Server, Java 1.17.1 (Java) Season 1 : A friendly start

Season 1 of the server will last for a month , dm me to join
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2021.09.17 11:52 Kalicola I can't get Displacement to work in UE5 - The good ol' "world displacement" is grayed out, and World Position offset is breaking my meshes., and the old option "crack free" is not there any more. Any solutions to this?

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2021.09.17 11:52 Anorexic_Fatass Incubus - Make Yourself [1999]

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2021.09.17 11:52 jacksohk basketball series price : 0.000000001 eth

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2021.09.17 11:52 KimoZ_2006 Anon encounters a drug dealer

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2021.09.17 11:52 KiritoTheUndertaler I am gonna get flamed for this

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2021.09.17 11:52 TwoTimeToj This pupper loves his boot 🥾

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2021.09.17 11:52 overlordmasterzargon [PS4] H: 50k lead W: 150 3* weapons or similar scrip

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2021.09.17 11:52 ehjkba4412354 Tjuvfiske är OLAGLIGT

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2021.09.17 11:52 THTGaminLlama Does anyone know if this style of card is available on the 3070 or 3070ti?

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2021.09.17 11:52 GraciousTeethSalad MESPRIT - 8626 4436 4335 and 4338 0716 5362 be online to receive invite. inviting 10

MESPRIT - 8626 4436 4335 and 4338 0716 5362 be online to receive invite. inviting 10
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2021.09.17 11:52 Katanarollingwave Why fly prophecy

As a t7 pilot flying Ferox and eying new Battlecruiser to fly, can someone tell whats the appeal to fly prophecy? On paper it looks like prophecy can't outDPS cyclone or ferox yet I see wayy too many Prophecy than any other class
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2021.09.17 11:52 gouwkelise Small town festival vibes

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2021.09.17 11:52 Eyesmall-28 WW2 photo I found in the basement

WW2 photo I found in the basement
division-8 of the British military in Africa 1942
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2021.09.17 11:52 thetekoholic VirgoCX Referral Bonus || Canada, get $60 CAD when you trade $100. Buy Doge or ADA from a canadian exchange 🔥 Ends Sept 24th

Sign up with VirgoCX and get $20 when you sign up or $60 CAD when you make a deposit of $100 Or Code: dyxLPD65

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