Check out this Minecraft stream from last night!

2021.09.17 12:49 l0rd_Waffles Check out this Minecraft stream from last night!
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2021.09.17 12:49 princessa20 My baby has chipped front teeth. Inside it looks a bit yellow, is this just the normal anatomy or could these be cavities? I called our dentist and they said that they won't take us in unless there's pain/bleeding. Please help!

My baby has chipped front teeth. Inside it looks a bit yellow, is this just the normal anatomy or could these be cavities? I called our dentist and they said that they won't take us in unless there's pain/bleeding. Please help! submitted by princessa20 to askdentists [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 12:49 Significant_Youth601 Some much needed help

I smoke some ice last night and it must of had some bad cut cause my chest feels clogged up and I keep spitting mucus. does anyone know how to clear this up with some kind of home remedy?
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2021.09.17 12:49 Series-Common 🤝

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2021.09.17 12:49 Tsuikyit_The_VIP 1 more hour until iPhone pre orders open

But then it’s still a week until I actually get it, which sucks
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2021.09.17 12:49 MendXen Looking for a good headset budget 200€

Hello, I am currently using hyper x cloud alpha. I want an upgrade.
*I dont care about if it has a mic or not. *I dont care if its wired or wireless, however if its wired it would be awesome if the wire is detachable or easily replaceable. *I do not own any amps or dacs
Currently looking at Corsair HS80. All youtube reviews say its good. All i can find on reddit is that its garbage.
If you have any good suggestions please let me hear them.
Another headset i was looking at were the beyerdynamic DT series however im afraid of the non detachable cable and i dont know if its easily replacable. Also i dont know whoch of the DT models would best fit me considering i dont have an amp or dac.
Any suggestions are welcome
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2021.09.17 12:49 JRreddith Barbecue

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2021.09.17 12:49 whoisjohngalt305 [LF] Leo Star fragments, recipes, or items [FT] stars, fruits, flowers, items

Looking for leo fragments, items, or recipes. Can trade bells, other sign star fragments, regula large fragments, wands, clothes, recipes, fruits (all varieties), flowers (most varieties), bells, or other items
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2021.09.17 12:49 TheKryptoKnight Trying Temur Werewolves. It feels like there's something here, but I don't have the deck building skill to quite get it there...

4 Tovolar, Dire Overlord (MID) 246
1 Lair of the Hydra (AFR) 259
5 Island (MID) 381
4 Kessig Naturalist (MID) 231
4 Werewolf Pack Leader (AFR) 211
4 Arlinn, the Pack's Hope (MID) 211
4 Ranger Class (AFR) 202
4 Suspicious Stowaway (MID) 80
2 Forest (MID) 384
4 Decisive Denial (STX) 177
2 Tovolar's Huntmaster (MID) 204
4 Reckless Stormseeker (MID) 157
4 Barkchannel Pathway (KHM) 251
4 Cragcrown Pathway (ZNR) 261
4 Riverglide Pathway (ZNR) 264
4 Rockfall Vale (MID) 266
2 Saw It Coming (KHM) 76
This is a rough list I've been running, and doing pretty well with. Suspicious Stowaway and Tovolar feel really good together, and decisive denial has won me several games. That said, I suck at deck building. As you can see here, I tend to just play 4 ofs, and have a hard time telling when there should be fewer copies of something.
I've played with the straight gruul list, and feel confident that the best werewolf deck is not that... I just don't know if it is Temur or Jund. Or maybe I'm wrong and the gruul lists are as good as it gets. But they feel like they're trying to be an aggro deck, and I don't think that is the right move for werewolves. It's too slow for that, and you need interaction, preferably at instant speed.
I'm currently 22-7 with this list in unranked, but the deck feels very messy to me. I'm looking for improvements or others who've been trying 3 color wolf decks!
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2021.09.17 12:49 IntroductionNo5470 I know this is a stupid asf question but then again I am stupid

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2021.09.17 12:49 SadHexGoddess I finally beat Dreadhorn! (Barely)

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2021.09.17 12:49 surveycircle_bot Cruising after COVID-19

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2021.09.17 12:49 La2yKiLL3r i cant sleep

i have to get up for school in 10 minutes and i literally cant sleep. every time i try i get a nauseous and a huge migraine that prevents me from sleeping. i literally just want to go to sleep and body won’t let me. idk what to do.
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2021.09.17 12:49 reddotarae51 OpenSea Under Fire After Admitting Employee “Insider Trading” On NFTs

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2021.09.17 12:49 Purple-Law-1081 10$ from crypto >>>> 100$ from job

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2021.09.17 12:49 nave1235 Why have you forsaken me

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2021.09.17 12:49 The_Town_Witch My cat likes watching my husband play the game Celeste

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2021.09.17 12:49 DimensionDry7760 If Resurrections turns out to be entirely based off the first movie and rejects the existence of the second and third then I'm walking out of the theater.

Seriously folks the trilogy as a whole is probably the greatest spiritual allegory ever imagined and it might just be my biggest disappointment ever that I'm of the <1% of people that think so, that story deserves better than to be retconned and turned into a meta reference by way of apology to people that didn't think the trilogy was supposed to have plot and just action.
Here I thought they would respect the continuation of the story that was established via The Matrix Online but now articles are back peddling and analyzing all the ways the trailer is actually telling us that apparently the only movie that happened is the first one and anything that suggest the second and third movie is just "the characters remembering their time playing the actors for the characters"
Fuck That Shit.
Wachowski, on the abysmal chance you happen to read this. Please don't fucking pander to the people that didn't like all the thinking the second and third movie made them struggle through.
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2021.09.17 12:49 RalphBuick Ready for Summer '22

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2021.09.17 12:49 bobcottle Sandbox mode. Question about zombie population. And what's your special blend?

Since I am new I've been sticking with Sandbox. But I feel like there are a ton more zombies than when I played in Builder. I see the pop count for builder is low, and even when I use the same setting I feel like the world is crawling with zeds. Are there more zeds in sandbox?
Also, what are all your special sandbox blends? I start at the initial infection but drop the pop count to low. Tons more loot and operable cars. Though I do keep guns set to rare.
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2021.09.17 12:49 averageredditor9 The Future Of NFTs

so i was thinking about the future of NFTs and where it could go and i came up with something, can't NFTs be used to give ownerships of physical objects?
for example let's say you wanna buy a house and each house has a NFT or "digital signature" which anyone that has it, has the complete ownership of that property which can be bought with crypto using a smart contract.
if NFTs were to be used this way wouldn't it make the things you own completely secure and make fraud so much less that what it is now?
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2021.09.17 12:49 Tessia0710 Where to read Banished Disciple's Counterattack - Chapter 72 online for free!!

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2021.09.17 12:49 qqruz123 [Question] Can a movement of a quartz watch be replaced?

I decided to get a Longines Hydroconquest. After thinking about whether to get an automatic or a quartz, I really leaned on quartz just because a-it's cheaper, b-most of the servicing needed can be done by a car mechanic with parkinson's c-I don't care about movements that much, I care much more about the design and brand/watch history. However, after googling a bit I found that quartz watches will last for 20-30 years, after which the electronic components will be too degraded. If this was to happen, could I then have the movement inside replaced or would I have to get a new watch?
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2021.09.17 12:49 what_after_death XAUUSD Daily Technical Analysis /Outlook SEPT 17 👀🧙‍♂️

Technical Outlook
Daily Chart
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2021.09.17 12:49 Fournight Found a *working* fix about Tiktok jailbreak detection (couln't like, follow or DM)

Working on the latest Tik Tok vesion (21.1.0 - 2110230)
- Download vnodebypass from Use this link since it can't be found on any repo (xsf1re have removed his github repo) or use filename if link is down (kr.xsf1re.vnodebypass_0.2.2_iphoneos-arm.deb) - Install it using Filza (or anyelse) and respring - You should see an app on homescreen if it doesn't appear re-jailbreak with the "Refresh Icon Cache" option - Go to the app : enable it - Open Tiktok and it should be good
Tested on iOS 13.5 (JB unc0ver 6.2.0) - Tiktok 21.1.0 build 2110230
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