Here's why i believe HBAR will be $200 by 2025

2021.09.17 11:25 JovianEmporer Here's why i believe HBAR will be $200 by 2025

The hedera network is realistically the only network capable of scaling for a Indian CBDC given that they will be processing in excess of 1 billion transactions a day by 2025, the IIT Madras University that just Joined hedera's governing council is primarily responsible for India's blockchain development and India has stated previously that they would be banning most cryptos and creating a CBDC based on a permissioned DLT.
To me, I cannot see a scenario where India chooses a dlt other than hedera, this would give hedera a market cap of around 3+ trillion and given the release schedule of HBAR ~15 billion circulating tokens by 2025 that's $200 per hbar.
This is not financial advice.
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2021.09.17 11:25 HHHBot [FRESH] YoungBoy Never Broke Again - On My Side [Official Music Video]

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2021.09.17 11:25 SupineCorgi Would this cause anything bad to happen?

I've been experiencing some very negative engeries from a couple of people in my life and mentally and emotionally it's just been bringing me down. If I were to write my thoughts and feelings down, sort of like in a letter to these people, and then burn it without it being seen by anyone else, would it cause any harm? I am new to learning about Wicca and don't want do send anything negative out into the world, I just want a way to sort of release my feelings without anyone getting hurt. I wouldn't be doing any ritual or anything with it. Literally it would just be writing some things out and then burning them. Thank you in advance for any advice!
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2021.09.17 11:25 Exeshka [H] Tb explosive burst, crystalline blue [W] Tb + adds

Crystalline blue - tb + 20$ or equal
Explosive burst - tb + 14$ or equal
Not interested in big bunch of items
Do not pm me, just add me steam if u want to discuss
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2021.09.17 11:25 Episode911 PsBattle: Twitch streamer walking.

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2021.09.17 11:25 BuzzBadsville Lunar Lounge - the new NFT from the Outer Reaches Board of Intergalactic Tourism ( O.R.B.I.T.), available now! Link in comments :)

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2021.09.17 11:25 SalaheddineSTA Did the GOPRO 9 or 10 overheat at 2.7k ?

Hello, I hope this question is not against the rules here. I have a question for people having experience with gopro, I am aware of the overheat of these action cam when filming at 4k60fps or 5k but did the overheat still happening when vlogging at 2.7 ? Thanks
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2021.09.17 11:25 Zockerlp_03_4974 6901 4554 6492

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2021.09.17 11:25 _Ruby-Kitsune_ I felt pretty cute today and I matched everything to my new corset! 🥺 Whatcha think? (30F)

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2021.09.17 11:25 dualfallen The Grenadier change was pretty popular, so how about fixing the ultimate Nuka Quantum Grenade?

I've been seeing a lot of people happily using grenades recently now that grenadier is fixed. What's better than a big boom though? How about an even bigger boom?
For those who don't know, Nuka Quantum Grenades have been horribly bugged since Fallout 4. Their radius was pathetically tiny when they should've been the best grenade in the game.
Here is a comparison between normal Nuka Grenades and Quantum grenades with and without Grenadier
As you can see the Nuka Quantum grenades are pretty puny. Grenadier makes the Quantum grenades a little better I guess but they're still really lame and no one would want to use them over the standard Nuka grenade (normal Nuka grenades even deal more damage than Quantums because they both deal 300 damage but the normals give an extra 100 rad damage while Quantums deal no rads which doesn't make any sense either honestly)
I'm sure lots of people would have loads of fun if these grenades were brought to their truest potential by making their blast radius more appropriate.
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2021.09.17 11:25 kendyzhu On standby!

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2021.09.17 11:25 tekkenfanaticlfc Hotties

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2021.09.17 11:25 CASPER3080 [Fan Art]Hey everyone, This is my cover version of UEFA CL - Anthem rendered using FL Studio as Music Software. Do watch and provide your comments!

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2021.09.17 11:25 tayyabtahi Sports and games

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2021.09.17 11:25 Jonny5ok Parry this you filthy Beastman

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2021.09.17 11:25 TalanDaniel New twit by Talan#4460
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2021.09.17 11:25 Thejohnroony Wedding Photographer Deleted All Photos in Front of Bride and Groom - AVDuke

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2021.09.17 11:25 burrako Alternative mouse to Logitech Mx Master 2S / 3 on Mac Mini M1

Many people have problems with bluetooth using these Logitech mice, and as a result they have lag and stuttering problems. Some work better using bluetooth, and others use the dongle included with the mouse. In my case the bluetooth works better, although it does not work "well".
I am seriously considering buying a wired mouse. I'm thinking of something equivalent to the Mx Master in terms of ergonomics and additional buttons, and I can't find anything like it with cable, all the alternatives are wireless.
The only one that I find moderately interesting is the Logitech G502 in its wired version.
Has anyone tried this wired mouse and could confirm if the pointer movement is completely smooth without stutter? How good is this mouse in terms of durability and configuration?
Any other alternative?
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2021.09.17 11:25 Meekoip Wow. I didn’t realize that two new companies said BBIG ex dividend date for spinoff shares was 9/15 instead of 10/15. Big FUD going on. Hedgies getting desperate.

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2021.09.17 11:25 juul222 [Question] How do you all keep track of your investments?

Like buy price and date of purchase.
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2021.09.17 11:25 SwedishBias Asia server moment

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2021.09.17 11:25 rafablues94 Controller joystick

Hi guys!
I have a couple of controllers with the wobbly joystick, what would be your approach to restore them?
I’m thinking about that method of adding a plastic piece inside the mechanism. Another option is to directly replace the entire joystick with one from AliExpress, but that’s not ideal because it doesn’t feel as the original.
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2021.09.17 11:25 Bill_Hsomething Manatee

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2021.09.17 11:25 mobtkr 5 Benefits That You Can Enjoy by Playing Poker

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2021.09.17 11:25 p8nkdia In a dilemma - should i bring my dog for a liver biopsy.

First off, the cost isn't a problem because I'm paying for it but my parents are extremely against bring speedy for a biopsy citing reasons such as: 1. Pain 2. Unlikely to treat him with chemo if he does have cancer because it's tortuous for speedy 3. He's active and seem fine now, do not need to bring more harm to him
My POV: 1. I would want to know the cause 2. If its early stage and the survival rates are high, I would think of going for treatment
However, the cons are: 1. He would be in pain after the biopsy and can't walk as well as he does now 2. He has a risk of bleeding with low platelets count (66) - normal is 148 (the vet say its okay for the biopsy)
Others: he's 10 years old, diagnosed with mild congestive heart failure, hemolytic anemia that is regenerative, tick fever (resolved) and jaundice (resolved). He's severely underweight with muscle wasting. Able to eat well and exercise
I'm really conflicted. Please help with inputs.
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