Victor's initiative resulted in an increase of MTO. Its your accomplishment Victor! Thanks.

2021.09.17 11:06 thebuck88 Victor's initiative resulted in an increase of MTO. Its your accomplishment Victor! Thanks.

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2021.09.17 11:06 autopunch Trump’s Mental Stability in Question

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2021.09.17 11:06 ohsh1- HR frozen on display, but syncs to phone

So, this is pretty interesting behavior. I've read the stories of all the issues with the HR sensor, so I'd like to add my own.
When measuring continuously, the HR will flash on the watch as if it is not measuring correctly. However, looking through the graph on the watch as well as Samsung Health shows a clear unbroken line.
If during the time it is frozen, I switch to manual and take a measurement, it catches it immediately and perfectly. It also tracks correctly during workouts.
Anybody else experiencing this behavior as well?
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2021.09.17 11:06 HarrietOsborneArtist What do you need today?

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2021.09.17 11:06 Nohan07 Le journal de 12h30 du vendredi 17 septembre 2021, présenté par Pascal Souprayen

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2021.09.17 11:06 AdRepresentative7600 North-South Airline`s Maintenance Problem

Introduction After Northern Airlines and Southeast Airlines merged, the new North-South Airline inherited 737–200 aircraft, an ageing fleet of Boeing. Together with the fleet of aircraft, North-South Airline also inherited Stephen Ruth, former secretary President and chairman of the board. Stephen Ruth has a challenge of reducing costs associated with the aircraft maintenance. Since the airline is characterized by ageing aircrafts, there is need company’s new president to come up with the most effective approach of ensuring low maintenance costs of the new airline is sustained (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 23). With respect to the current management issue at the new North-South Airlines, the aim of this paper is to provide definition of the problem at the new North-south airline and report objective. Using a linear programming approach, this paper will establish the computations as well as quantitative methods used, this paper will arrive at a conclusion so as to give recommendations that will help in addressing the current issue. Definition of the Problem at the new North-South Airline and Report Objective The merger of Northern Airlines and Southeast Airlines was aimed at developing the fourth largest airline in the US. However, the greatest challenge to the new airline company (North-South Airline) is that it is characterized by aged aircrafts. Since these airlines have served for a longer period, they present a challenge of high maintenance costs. Therefore, North-South Airlines should adopt a low maintenance approach to achieve the objective of becoming America’s fourth largest airline (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 27). As far as the current maintenance issue at North-South Airline is concerned, the primary objective of this paper is to provide the most effective approach of maximizing on the profits while reducing the maintenance costs. Computations and Quantitative Methods Used There is need to carry out a quantitative analysis to establish if the average fleet age had a correlation to direct airframe maintenance costs. In this section, a regression analysis will be a valuable tool that Stephen Ruth, North-South Airline president can use to understand the relationship that exist between the variables (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 27). Therefore, the most effective computation and quantitative method of arriving at the relationships would be regression analysis. In addition, regression analysis will help in predicting the value of one variable using another variable. Regression Analysis The best approach of establishing the correlation between variables is utilizing the regression analysis approach. In this case, using regression analysis will help Stephen Ruth to predict a constant dependent variable from the broad range of independent variables (De Crescenzio et al. 100). Understanding the existing relationships will help in determining the most effective approach of maintaining the fleet at the lowest costs and maximum profits. Using an approach that will minimize maintenance costs will help South-north airline achieve its objective of becoming America’s fourth largest airline. Correlation between Fleet Age and Direct Airframe Maintenance Costs As established in the simple linear regression analysis, there is a negative correlation between the age of the flight and the maintenance cost. This is to mean that fleet age is closely associated with the increased airframe maintenance costs (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 45). With this approach, there is need for North-south airline to adopt the most effective strategies in minimizing these costs. Factors that could be promoting the increased maintenance costs of the fleets could the old materials, which have a close association with increased maintenance costs. Correlation Between Engine Maintenance Costs and Average Fleet Age As established in the simple regression analysis, there is a positive correlation between engine maintenance costs and average fleet age (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 56). This means that an increase in age has a direct effect on the maintenance costs. The older the aircraft, the more expensive it will be to maintain the engine. There is need for the company to use the most appropriate approach to reduce the associated engine maintenance costs. Conclusion and Recommendations When companies merge, they are faced with serious challenges. When teething problems are not effectively addressed, these companies may generate a great deal of losses. With respect to the prevailing issues at the new North-South Airline, there is need to create a cost effective maintenance approach (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 45). This section provides three recommendations that will help North-South Airline to maximize on profits while reducing costs associated with aircraft maintenance. To begin with, basing on the fact that there is a strong correlation between fleet age and direct airframe maintenance costs, there is need for North-South to utilize approaches that will minimize the maintenance costs. For instance, the company could purchase new aircrafts to replace them with the old ones (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 26). By purchasing new aircrafts, the company will reduce the maintenance costs. With respect to the results of simple regression analysis, when these planes get older, costs associated with maintenance increase. Increased costs associated with the aged fleets could be greatly reduced if the company could consider replacing the most affected aircrafts with new ones. Secondly, this paper proposes since there is a close relationship between engine maintenance costs and average fleet age, the company could replace the old engines with new ones. Instead of using costly means to maintain old engine, the company could purchase new engines (McNeil, Embrechts, and Frey 27). Since maintenance costs increase with the age of the engine, buying new engines to the existing crafts would provide a good opportunity to maximize on profits while minimizing costs associated with maintenance. Lastly, the use of high standard materials throughout the repair and replacement process will help the company maintain an edge in the industry. High quality parts are directly associated with reduced maintenance costs. As a major commercial airline in the US, the North-South Airline should be able to understand all its functional requirements so as to be able to provide a high quality output using the minimum possible cost per hour. As argued by De Crescenzio et al. (98), in aircraft engineering as well as maintenance, there are three key approaches that can be utilized minimize the maintenance costs. These approaches include minimizing the airline turn time, limiting the need of engine spares, as well as reducing the overall costs associated with maintenance. There is need for the new company to be able to provide unparalleled aircraft engineering flexibility. The importance of offering unparalleled aircraft engineering flexibility is to help in meeting the companies maintenance needs across the globe. As North-south continues to repair, remanufacture, and replace its fleet components, it should always maintain highest standards. Maintaining high standards will help the company not only attain a competitive edge in the marketplace, but also become America’s fourth largest airline.
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2021.09.17 11:06 autopunch Rolling Back the Enlightenment

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2021.09.17 11:06 H25azbxwyz Hailee Steinfeld looked unrecognizable in the best way at the 2021 Met Gala

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2021.09.17 11:06 vegasbm Remain Resolute, I Will Never Falter In My Belief – Nnamdi Kanu Speaks From DSS

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2021.09.17 11:06 autopunch Trump the Neocon?: The Changing Climate of Antiwar Politics

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2021.09.17 11:06 WindHam-TheMan H: safari gorilla backpack plan W: caps

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2021.09.17 11:06 Frix13 A lot of negative sentiment...time to buy DOGE, I guess

Considering how much this sub has been posting about DOGE doing poorly and the number of bearish sentiment posts about this shitcoin, the only rational decision is to all-in into the coin. The way this sub predicts future prices it seems DOGE is about to absolutely explode.
In the short term, no fundamentals are important. DOGE is not a long-term investment, it's a speculation. And since so many people are speculating for its price to drop, I think it's a great time to look into buying more DOGE, even though I have 0 faith in the project itself.
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2021.09.17 11:06 ThenIntroduction822 Battlefield 4 Conquest Gameplay On Xbox One Console

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2021.09.17 11:06 TX4877 Fun Friday night in

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2021.09.17 11:06 autopunch How Congress Can Prevent the Next Pandemic

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2021.09.17 11:06 ww04ufCV Gatita Yan Nude Video

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2021.09.17 11:06 mistahmoll ik🍞ihe

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2021.09.17 11:06 likesmooth I should have never told her about what was really happening at the bathhouse

I don’t know what came over me. She asked how was your trip to the bathhouse? I would usually say I went in the sauna for a while went out laid the Jacuzzi a while relaxed. Went into my room watching a little T V then came home.
She would say you do seem more relaxed less stressed out and said she was glad it helped me. I agreed said yes it does help. I would think to myself if she only knew what was really going on at the bathhouse. Or about my bisexuality or the fact I am a cocksucker. Or OMG, that I love a big cock up my ass.
For some strange reason, I thought I would try to tell her and be honest.
I feared she would think or know how disgusting or sickening my bisexuality really was. I myself have never been comfortable with my bisexuality. I feared she would see me as a lesser man or her love for me would be diminished. It was like confession my sins were becoming to heavy to carry. I should have probably talked to a priest. Shed my guilt and shame for saying some hail Mary’s our fathers. Or perform acts of constriction.
I remember as a child going to confession.
The church the parish I was I am from many years ago. I was in the rectory I heard the conversation understood what the priests from other parishes wanted. I was talked about in front of me as if I was not there or did not understand. Our monsignor in no uncertain terms explained to the pedophile priests from other parishes that came to ours to exploit boys sexually. He used me for an example once.
He would explain say this boy has family all down this street and if this priest had their way and it was found out there would be bloodshed and violence and a price to pay and if he persisted he would have to explain this to the Cardinal. They backed off. I never spoke about this before mentioned it in conversation. There was no pedophilia in that our mine Parish because of that man. He sensed he knew he chose to defend me and others from sexual exploitation. He paid a price for that. I sat drinking with the undertaker the funeral director. It was his parish as a child. He explained the poverty that Polish priests lived in. The holes in his shoes he put on him. His moth-eaten clothes He put on his body. He put many people in their caskets. He was from my father’s generation their parents were Poles.
Not sure why that became part of this story. Trying to explain my guilt and shame of my wants and desires and actions?
So I started to explain to her what really was happening at the bathhouse. Told her about us all lining up going into his room all of us fucking him one after another because that is what he wanted or needed. Or when men coerced me brought me into their rooms and bend over and the power I felt fucking them. Listening to their moans and some crying screaming putting myself into their asses. Like I said the feeling of being powerful them submitting sometimes begging to want my cock in their asses.
My own obsession with the swing of a cock going up my ass and the pleasure I took in it. The feeling of a big cock going up my ass and how good it felt. Me sucking one dick after another bringing them to orgasm the pleasure I took in it all. My realization of my lust bisexuality
My guilt of not being honest with her overcame me. I told her all the sickening details. She was silent just looking at me. I did not know what to think. Sometimes I think I would have been more secure if she started screaming yelling at me saying how sickening of a pervert I am. Which is all true. But she did not the silence was excruciating almost painful.
But I did it poured my guts out on the table came clean was almost relieved no more secrets no more lies Her silence about it drove me insane. I stopped going to the bathhouse I did not know what to think. I started letting things make me angry that should not have. I started flying off the handle. She calls one day says we have to talk. I a nervous wreck now what? We sit down she says you've been really stressed out lately. Said no shit got angry. She says you know maybe you should go to the bathhouse get a nice big dick in your ass suck some dicks fuck a few men in the ass. I got so goddam mad. I went off said I should have never told you about all that I knew this would come back and haunt me. I was not angry at her I was angry at myself for telling her about all of it.
I storm out yelling walking trying to calm down I am so goddam angry hop on the train in the subway going train to train it’s like 1 AM I hear the stops being called off the speaker. The bathhouse is the next stop it's open 24 hours. I figure to get in the Jacuzzi let the hot water hit my neck wound up like a spring. I walk in asks where you been? I say I rather not talk about it. Thinking not to want to go home said give me room. Figure going call off work can count all the times through the years on one hand. Just glade it middle of night nobody here just go watch TV go to sleep.
I was so tired getting that angry drains me going to my room guy walking trying not to stare like 10 + hard swaging around says whats up just going watch some t v lay down crash we are like only people there asks can I come in watch some tube with you said sure why not. Take my shoes off he sits end bed turn on the TV first channel raw gay porn. Take my shirt off pants have a hard-on since looked at his big dick swaying around while he was walking.
He was on his knees sucking my dick said come on the hop-up here small bed but just enough lay still sucking my dick but now he is on the bed his big cock in my face looked at that big purple shiny dick head started kissing it licking it sucking it. Surprisingly to me, he is sucking my dick with the same enthusiasm I am sucking him. He stands up going through his clothes gets lube a rubber and he is putting it on my dick So say ok fuck him mirrors watching hit his ass hard. Watching his dick fly around harder I fucked him. I was ready to cum it amazed me a man cock that size and beautiful ass he could have his choice of women yet he his ass on my dick I 6.5 I not the master of the universe compared to me his cock like a horse. I finished fucking him was worried he may leave I want his cock in my ass I was sucking it kissing it looking at it wanted it in my ass bad. Was so afraid he leave I got on bed all fours reached back spread my ass cheeks said please fuck me. I wanted his cock in my ass so bad I not only wanted to get fucked I need it and bad. It went in felt so good he put it next to my butthole applied pressure It felt so good I reached back next time he put pressure on I pushed my ass on it it went in he not moving I started to ride it push back pull out my ass on it in out felt so good he stood still I started to push it all the way in all the way push back it all the way in push hard ass move side to side love that big dick in my ass. He got it to pull it out almost head in push it all the way in than I knew I better prepare myself. I bent over pushed it in deep move my ass side to side then puls almost out them all the way in hit my ass hard made a slapping sound He was pushing it all the way in pulling it almost all the way out and hit my ass hard that slapping sound over and over He fucked me so good with that massive cock
I got up in the morn he gone walked got on the train thought about what she said when she told me maybe She was just making suggestions not being derogatory or disrespecting me she just observed my behavior told me how relaxed I seemed after coming home from the bathhouse. I hate to admit it but she was right. The fact that I not only wanted a big cock in my ass I needed it. When she suggested that I should go suck some dicks I felt hurt but she understood seen me come home from the bathhouse after sucking dicks and what really hurt which I did not want to accept how much better my disposition became after receiving a good buttfucking felt she was being mean but she was just stating her observations of my mood and the conclusions she came to. I was riding the train home I started crying my ass was a little sore from him buttfucking the hell out of me. I could still taste his big dick in my mouth the thought of that big cock in my ass and mouth how much better it made me feel. The realization of it and her observing this and encouraging me to go suck some dicks and get a dick up my ass I cried halfway home. I walked in she sensed it Asked how was your trip to the bathhouse. Instead of lies, I told her the truth of how big his dick was how much I enjoyed sucking it and how good it felt like that big dick going in my ass how much I enjoyed the thrusting and pounding. She said see. Explained how much I needed it and how much better it made me feel. I smiled hugged her and realized she must have loved me understood my bisexuality was more comfortable with it than I ever was. I was just glad I got all that crying out of me on the train I could not let her see me break down that way. Sometimes think she knew or sensed what was going on the whole time and waiting for me to explain what she already knew and understood.
Throughout my whole life all the women I have had and loved keeping that deep dark secret of my bisexuality from them always troubled me. Feared their reaction how it would affect the way they felt about me or seen me as a man. I always hide it out of fear of them thinking my sexuality was disgusting or immoral wrong shameful. The guilt I carried the shame of myself within myself of my very nature my lust wants desires that had to be hidden kept secret from the women I have loved it all based if fear of being exposed the want and desire of wanting to be loved to meet the perceived expectations of others or of what is taught through the religion of what is moral what is right and what is wrong
I better stop that stick to my your our immoral wants desires and lust the things we have deep within us the desires wants we hide and guard as If my bisexuality as a man vs women their bisexuality I am not alone I am not the only one I recommend a good read The Mansions of Philosophy turn to the page ignore everything else at the top of the page the title What is Beauty?
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2021.09.17 11:06 tahleahtheegg I'm giving up

⚠️TW - mentions of s#icide⚠️ I can't even properly explain this but I need help. Ever since the start of Highschool my mental health has gone to a decline, but I don't think it has ever been this bad where I keep on going back to thinking about suicide. I am in my second last year of High school at this moment, and back in April of this year I had gone in a very dark place, feeling either nothing or complete sadness, and when I had gone to my psychologist (whom I love very much she is so nice) told me I was just overwhelmed. And now, it's come back and it feels like a "shutdown". I want to die, but I'm afraid of dying and sometimes I wish that I was asleep? Or in a place where I didn't exist to the outside world, and it was just me. But I feel like the only answer to that is dying. And I can't even talk to my closest friends because 1, my "best friend" won't stop emotion dumping on me but I can't tell her to stop because she has had a terrible year with a medical issue that the doctors don't know about, and her friends leaving her, 2, my other friend is recovering from a suicide attempt after a racial argument, and 3, my real close friend, the one I would always tell her everything, is going through a rough time because her parents are splitting up, she is having surgery and she might go deaf. I can't tell my friends anything, and even if I bring it up with my psychologist she will tell my guardian (grandma) and all she will do is make me go to church and pray with her. I feel anxious, angry and sad all the time, and for the split seconds I feel happy, it just goes away because I bring myself back to reality and it honestly hurts so much, but I feel selfish and guilty for feeling this, and I just want to tell my friends that they aren't being good friends and I'm not getting the support I need, but I just feel so guilty and selfish and I feel like I am the problem. If I wasn't there, maybe life might be better for them. But I'm stuck in this loop of thinking of dying, but being afraid of death and it just goes on and on, and I hate myself so much. I just wish I could pause time, and I really need help because I dont know what to do anymore.
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2021.09.17 11:06 autopunch To Avert Failure, Biden Should Listen to the “Radicals” – Not Corporate Media

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2021.09.17 11:06 Sayber240 Donda album cover is green

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2021.09.17 11:06 NyxSyx1 My Girlfriends very first 10x pull

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2021.09.17 11:06 autopunch 21st Century Internationalism of the Oppressed: A Comradely Response to Ajamu Baraka

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2021.09.17 11:06 susanfermac Nouméa - Nous livrons le fer à béton à Nouméa. Importation Fer a beton pour Nouméa Nouvelle-Calédonie #Nouméa #Nouvelle-Calédonie

Nouméa - Nous livrons le fer à béton à Nouméa. Importation Fer a beton pour Nouméa Nouvelle-Calédonie #Nouméa #Nouvelle-Calédonie submitted by susanfermac to BTP_Genie_Civil [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 11:06 hayger mantar kompostu için pamuk telefi satışı

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